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  • Imran Imran Mar 23, 2006 18:48 Flag

    Olympic Diving Team

    Apologies for my earlier post - still smarting after Robben's, Drogba's and SWP's antics. I wish this kind of thing didn't take place in GB. It's said that it's the influence of the foreign players in the domestic game. That may be true & just highlights the true passion & commitment of the game in GB - hard but fair. This writhing around on the floor is distasteful and just ruins it for the impartial observer. I will admit that Robben is an amazing player and I think Chelsea suffer when he's not playing. Same for SWP - it's a shame that he's not playing regularly to show his talent to the world and make that right wing for England his own. But it adds to the belief that Chelsea aren't helping their cause. Opinion has already been cast about Mourinho and his lack of humility. Maybe we don't deal with arrogance - or what is seen as arrogance - too well. Whatever, he makes headlines and keeps us talking but if he doesn't pull up his players for gamesmanship he keeps perpetuating it. It sours a great result as with last night and when Chelsea beat us at SB.

    I agree with the idea about learning from rugby. The game should learn from their use of the 4th official and, maybe the idea of stopping the time for injuries so that games finish exactly on 90 minutes. No arguments there, or do we disagree?

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    • i definitely agree that we can a learn a lot from rugby...but maybe we should stop short of the raking!...i still don't understand how us fans have such little impact on our teams...they are our teams after all, and yet for all the moaning we do about this, and we've been moaning for a while now, fuck all gets done about it...just goes to show how little we really matter in the grand scheme of things...we do overblame the foreigners thpough, for a start there's plenty of them who don't do it, and secondly what about franny lee, and i've seen mickey thomas do it on more than one occasion (although he did do it with class!!)