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  • DARRENK DARRENK Apr 4, 2006 14:00 Flag

    Of all the strikers, Morientes should be the one leaving

    Am i the only one that feels that way. As far as I'm concerned anyone that cant stand on his own two feet and take his own credit or criticism, mostly the latter,doesn't deserve to wear red.

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    • I agree. he's been by far the least prolific. Cisse offers speed and good delivery on the right flank, while Crouch and Fowler appear much more motivated to score. Fowler is the best finisher, while Crouch instills fear in defenders. Cisse and Crouch always give defenders a tough time through speed and height. Morientes appears to lack confidence, commitment and has made really sloppy misses most of the season. A very talented player, but the club can't afford to wait forever for this player to regain his confidence.

    • I do agree Nando must go, he is just not a prem league player. Cisse may be given another season to try to mold him. He is the sort of player you would rather have on your side then be playing agaist. With his pace he scares the c*** out of most back 4's.
      He had his first really good game agaist West Brom, is this the start of something i wonder?

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      • yep - in agreement here - morientes came as a seasoned pro whereas cisse is still one for the future, and is just really getting back from his injury. he just needs to gain a little composure which will come over the next season or two. (by the time fowler retires). we just need to let gerrard support the forward(s) more down the centre with cisse and kewell attacking from the wings.

    • I wouldn't go as far as he dosen't deserve to wear red but yeah in a way of all our strikers he should be the one to leave. Robbie if he wasn't screwed over when he found his scoring touch back in a red shirt would have 5 or 6 goals by now, Cisse as bad as the PR he's gotten, he actually has 15 goals in all competetions, and thats cause a majority of the time he's on the wing or on the bench. Crouch well come on, if he's not scoring, he's doing something to help some body else score. Even Little Luis has 10 already for the season.
      Don't get me wrong I don't dislike Nando, infact as soon as he joined us last year I got a shirt with his name on it. It's sad to say he just dosen't fit the prem and there is nothing wrong with that. Case and point Diego Forlan, scored more goals last season with Villereal than he did his whole Manchester United career. Sometimes strikers arn't made for a league. Thiery Henry wasn't making it in the Italian league, came over here with some good guidance and no one can stop him. Unless he's at Anfield :), but either way as much as I wouldn't like to see him go, of all our strikers that should be sold at the end of the season it would have to be Nando, just on his record alone.

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      • Well said. Mind you, I think both Cisse and Morientes should go. The latter is just too slow. Although Cisse appears to be scoring, he is not a team player. I know for a striker you need to be greedy, but also he should play for his team. Take the last game for example - he played very well in the first half when he did a lot of passing and scored a goal. However, in the second half, may be he got over-confident, he started to run at defenders and stopped passing the ball - well, he is definitely not the best in holding ball and getting pass defenders.