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  • DARRENK DARRENK Apr 5, 2006 05:15 Flag

    Of all the strikers, Morientes should be the one leaving

    I agree that rafa should give cisse a little more time, mind you I never been a fan of rotating strikers, I think if you would leave him in more than half a game and even maybe two or three games in a row (up top, not on the wing), probably partnered with Crouch. I think Crouch's size and aerial ability combined with Cisse's speed and flair would reap great dividends.
    As far as morientes, I just cant get over the fact when asked earlier in the season about his inability to impose him self, he moreless blamed the fact that he didnt have the like of Ronaldo to take the pressure off him -- ala he cant do it himself, he need another super striker.