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  • DARRENK DARRENK Apr 5, 2006 23:48 Flag

    Media to give post match interviews to referees?

    I agree with mightyred, that refs are definately underpaid for what they do. In a typical match your only going to please about half the people if your lucky (usually the ones that are for the team winning). As far as instant replay, I think it shouldn't be used, or at least extrememly limited. I'm a yank, and already have to suffer with refs using instant replay every other call in American Football. Not only does it slow the game down to a snail pace, but it has also become where ref rely to much on it. I am also a ref and a coach, and everything I have been taught was that a perfect ref should not constantly be interfering with the game, football is a free flowing game and to subject it to instant replay would ruin it for the fans and the player. In reallity,how often does a ref really affect the outcome of a game, short of giving a pk or sending someone off, rarely.

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    • I too agree that refs are underpaid (undervalued?). To give a post match interview does not delay the game and still allows the free flow of the game. These interviews may be beneficial in modulating some of the abuse that match officials get from managers, media and players.
      If they did not see an incident well ok we can't always have eyes in the back of our heads. If someone hurls abuse at them, then they can report this to the public as the reason someone got the yellow card etc etc.
      I feel the paying fan has a right to this information and that the match officials have a right to answer in public their actions (right or wrong) before a war of words can erupt where their credibility / competancy is questioned.