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  • mel n mel n Apr 24, 2006 13:29 Flag

    Jose Mourinho is special alright.

    A special moron that is.

    For it is only a moron that when he boasts four of the best wingers in world football opts to put them all on the bench and uses a defender on the wing instead. And it is only a moron who then introduces all 3 wingers to play at the same time. Why if FIFA allowed four subs, l bet Shaun Wright Phillips would have been his other player introduced.

    It is only a special moron who after losing a game then refuses to shake the hand of the opposing team manager,(its not war, its just a game for goodness sake).

    Only a special moron can, when with unlimited funds fail to mobilise his galaxy of stars into a cohesive professional team, but instead encourages the players to dive, con and cheat their way to victory. If you remove the two English players who were already at Chelsea before Roman's bilions (Lampard and Terry), what you are left with is an ordinary bunch of divers, conmen and thugs.

    Anyway Chelsea you might have the special one (albeit a moron), but Liverpool boasts a coaching genius, a humble and modest man, who with just one player who can be sold for more than 15 million pounds and with limited funds has moulded the Reds into a lean mean machine of destruction. A genius who has masterminded the demise of European heavyweights like CHELSEA, AC Milan, Juventus and Man U. All Rafa needs is a tenth of what the Special moron has spent so far and Liverpool will rule England, Europe and the World.

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    • I agree wholeheartedly with your message. Very well written and spot on especially as regards to Rafa Benitez. I believe that Mourinho is a bad loser and a sort of spoilt brat. The type of man who is loved by his bosses because he shows agressiveness and dynamism, makes controversial comments to attract attention and is so full of himself. But in reality, the man is only average and cannot be compared to men like Benitez, Wenger, or Ferguson who have a strong track record of building up real teams with a fraction of Mourinho's budget. Chelsea are the fashion of the moment, and I strongly think they will fade away with time. Success has come too easily and too quickly, and the billions of the owner are highly suspicious if not earned unfairly.

    • Roman abramovich has told his aides to place the worlds biggest order for Viagra , after realising , no matter how hard chelsea try,,, they still cant get beyond a semi

    • Ricky_yue (April 2006): "According to Charles Darwins' natural selection process, it is impossible to have two complete morons living at the same time."

      Ha ha ha ha ha, studied evolution a lot have you? ... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha............!!!

    • There's been lots of crap written by several Chelsea fans. Jose continues to surprise me as he is obviously quite an intelligent bloke but wants to make himself look a moron!
      In the recent game Liverpool played better, pure and simple (thats not saying we were on top form either)
      We missed some sitters (Luis) and gifted Chelsea a fortunate goal. Terry hitched a ride on Riise so it was the right call. I don't understand the fuss....Chelsea missed a chance Jose? Was that the one where Drogba was offside?
      Sometimes you just have to move on, all the crap is embarassing for Chelsea (club and fans)
      They are the champions and should be respected and lead from the front with grace and dignity....Jose's is preventing that. Its a shame Chelsea are becoming hated but have no one to blame but themselves. Their behaviour on the pitch has been disgusting and Jose's antics off the pitch haven't helped.
      Think about the example been set to the kids growing up and seeing this. You should be ashamed!
      As for the managers - Jose won in Portugal with the equilvalent of Man United the championship....big deal! He won the champions league - fair play to him.
      Rafa took the spanish equilvalent of Portsmouth to 2 titles in Spain against Madrid, Barcelona etc and then won the Champions league in his first season with an average Liverpool team (we are getting better) and now he can start adding to his trophy collection with FA Cup.....this is on a fraction of Jose's budget...so who really is the special one?
      The idea of posting should be for fans to talk sense and share opinions not just nonsense (Danny - Cup Winners Cup?...Liverpool never won it because they were always in the European Cup having won the league, you couldn't be in both. UEFA cup, won that one? (Liverpool x3))
      That's just my opinion anyway, we are looking good and have great players and a brilliant, special manager...onwards and upwards.

    • What kind of answer is that, is that all you can say? I have a very good job because of my education, which is definitely better than yours seeing as you cannot answer a simple question. Get a life and accept that we beat you fair and square. Typical chelsea, look at Makelele, even he tried to take the focus away from your poor show by having a rant at Fergie. Idiots

    • I think danny is Mourinho in disguise and I have the following reasons to support the claim:

      1) Both of them are complete arxxhole;
      2) Both of them show no respect to fans and fellow professionals;
      3) both of them talk crap after losing;
      4) both of them won't accept defeat gracefully;
      5) both of them are arrogant bastxxds;
      6) Both of them think Chelsea is the biggest club on earth eventhough they only climbed out from the woodwork 2 years ago with the help of some serious Russian money;
      7) both of them never like to listen to history cause they have none;
      8) they both like to think the best team lost after being stuffed;
      9) they both like sucking up their suggar daddy;
      10) they both called the Special One (or should I say Special Moron).

      According to Charles Darwins' natural selection process, it is impossible to have two complete morons living at the same time. Therefore, by deduction, Danny99 must be Mourinho in disguise.

    • Just A Question Danny..........

      Aggravating people, is this the norm for anyone associated with Chelsea. Is it one of the prerequisites for being a true Blue??????

      You and Jose seem to have no equals.

    • So you prefer the likes of Gerrard, who's just an underpaid cheat do you?

      But you're quite right, Hippo boy. There is no manager that could have done what The Special One has done. All bow to Jose!

    • So far he has won the league once, about to become twice and the league cup. That hardly a record to boast about given the amount he has spent on players.
      Forgive me if he has won more at Chelsea but I have little interest in a team comprised of overpaid cheats.
      There is no manager in the Premiership who could not have achieved what he has done, if given the same resources.

    • We'll ge't a' n'ew dicti'onary th'en, si'lly Hi'ppo!!!!!

      No they won't. Silly!

      ps. "unlimeted"? Don't tell me ... that's in "your dictionary" too?

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