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  • mel n mel n Apr 24, 2006 13:29 Flag

    Jose Mourinho is special alright.

    A special moron that is.

    For it is only a moron that when he boasts four of the best wingers in world football opts to put them all on the bench and uses a defender on the wing instead. And it is only a moron who then introduces all 3 wingers to play at the same time. Why if FIFA allowed four subs, l bet Shaun Wright Phillips would have been his other player introduced.

    It is only a special moron who after losing a game then refuses to shake the hand of the opposing team manager,(its not war, its just a game for goodness sake).

    Only a special moron can, when with unlimited funds fail to mobilise his galaxy of stars into a cohesive professional team, but instead encourages the players to dive, con and cheat their way to victory. If you remove the two English players who were already at Chelsea before Roman's bilions (Lampard and Terry), what you are left with is an ordinary bunch of divers, conmen and thugs.

    Anyway Chelsea you might have the special one (albeit a moron), but Liverpool boasts a coaching genius, a humble and modest man, who with just one player who can be sold for more than 15 million pounds and with limited funds has moulded the Reds into a lean mean machine of destruction. A genius who has masterminded the demise of European heavyweights like CHELSEA, AC Milan, Juventus and Man U. All Rafa needs is a tenth of what the Special moron has spent so far and Liverpool will rule England, Europe and the World.

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    • As ive said before, Ive defended Jose on this message board in the past. But, after his pathetic after match interview i wont be defending him again.
      He really has problems. A shame because all it will do is make Chelsea hated by all other clubs.

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      • Jose the "Ordinary one"

      • ncub, you have got that spot on. The post-match interview was one of the worst I have heard and it just shows how pathetic one can be. Talking about being a bad loser, that guy just cannot take defeat gracefully.

        The bit about us never going to win the EPL is going to spur our boys on. But how on earth can someone with half a brain can make a stupid comment like this? This guy has no respect for his fellow professionals.

        As a scouser it is our duty to hate ManU, but I respect them as a team, I respect Fergie as a manager. But Chelsea and their special one, well, I just can't wait to see they go belly up after their Russian sugar daddy pull the plug.

    • You guys should work for the bbc as pundits as you know so much about footbal.Calling Mourinho a moron and obviously in your opinion he knows nothing about footbal and tactics just shows how ignorant you are.
      But that is not the case,you are not ignorant just blinded with hatred towards Chelsea.

      After all,success breeds contempt and jealousy.So,in the end
      I understand your behaviour.

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      • You are so wrong, im not jealous.
        Youre the blind one, liverpool were the better team for 60 minutes and Jose got his tactics wrong first half.
        Hes just not a big enough to admit it.
        His arrogance is what is turning people against Chelsea.

      • Please explain what Mourinho has actually done to make him so special.

        He won the Portugese league a couple of times with Porto - the only decent club in the country who win it almost every year anyway, then won the Champions League with Porto as well. Surely an achievement in my eyes, but as several managers point out ( mainly Mourinho himself and Wenger) this is only a cup knockout competition and the best team in Europe doesn't necessarily win it anyway. Comments mainly made after Liverpool won it last year.

        Fifth time I believe.

        Then he comes to this country to manage a team with unlimited finance that buys whichever player he desires no matter the cost, and also a host of other players he doesn't want but his rivals are interested in. Then with all these brilliant players guides his team to consecutive Premiership titles, again an achievment in my eyes, but let's face it, I think my nan could pick and manage a side that has two internationals for every position to beat the likes of Sunderland, Birmingham,Portsmouth and Villa every week, yet she too would struggle against the best in European football, as does Mourinho - hence two goes at the Champions League with Chelsea and not even a runners-up medal in sight, plus can't quite remember but did you even win your first round group??

      • I agree with the jealousy and hatred, but I can understand that Jose is criticised because of his "reasons" for the defeat.
        Working with the players, he must be quite good (repeating EPL proves so), but I'm sure there will be less critics on Chelsea if Jose stopped talking shit like he does when losing.
        Isn't it possible to have somebody else do the talking?

      • Unlimited funds to buy players already proven as high quality/sucessful in their position, does not a good manager make.

        I like to think of it this way : Playing Champ Manager on the PC you can input a cheat to give you unlimited funds. You can then go on to mindlessly purchase the big name players with all the best stats. You buy 2 players for every position. You go on to win the majority of games.

        However, there is no sense of real achievement, no sense of any discernable tactics (if a player, or 3, get injured or are under-performing, then just do a straight swap for those on the bench). It's management for dummies, and Mourinho has the gall to believe that he is in some way responsible for the success of Chelsea, and then it's everyone elses fault when he wins.

        He simply can't comprehend that spending all that money on the 'best' players in the world can still mean his team loses to one with a better spirit, better work ethic, better manager, better pretty much everything. Chelsea use Ferguson's mantra in reverse - no team is bigger than the individual...

    • whens the last time u won the league? remind me scouse wankers!

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      • i presume you were one of the dumbstruck and bitter cockney monkeys who couldnt be heard over the fans of a team with real history on saturday? Obviously your football knowledge extends past no further than 2 seasons ago when u starterd supporting them like everyone else, and so wouldnt realise the extent of Liverpool's past, present, and come mid May, future success....and seeings how name calling is ur thing. Knob.

    • "When the referee gives such important decisions against your team in a semi-final it doesn't smell good and it wasn't a free-kick for Liverpool's first goal. John Terry's goal should have stood and for the second goal we made a defensive mistake. We missed two good chances in the first half and at the end the same thing happened with Gudjohnsen's miss in last season's Champions League semi final. If you don't take them in these games it costs you. I can't wish Liverpool all the best for the final but I wish them good luck for the Champions League qualifier at the start of next season. I am not worried at all about Liverpool and they have no chance of winning the Premiership title next season. We are 45 points ahead of Liverpool in the Premiership over the last two seasons and they have only beaten us twice in 10 games."
      Jose Mourinho.....what a wanker!

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      • HAHA freekick was haesh i admit but Terry pushed himself up off of risse for the goal and it was rightfully disallowed.
        Why not blame your players for missing chances and crap defending and Jose for crap tactics in the first half.
        These are the REAL reasons you lost

      • hah hah hah that's sooo funny - it's now 45 points over two seasons....... so remind us how many competitions have you won since 2000 - eh ??? shall be compare success against cost ???

        Agree with your sentiments about Jose though - it's a shame his arrogance and blinkered views rub off on his fans.

        ps. i was fortunate enough to spend saturday in a box at the chelsea end - it's sad that a team that claims to be as prolific as chelsea has such a quiet set of fans that can only sing 2 songs !!!

    • as a chelsea fan i can only agree with what you say here, i cant beleive mourinho's attitude after the match, very unsporting not shaking benetez's hand after and i thought the comment about only wishing you luck for euro qualifiers and the jibe that the best team lost. i admit it we were crap!!! what the hell was he playing at, looks like his head was up his a*** as usual!!!

      anyway from a chelsea fan good luck to liverpool in the cup final you deserved the win and you won it good!!!

    • Jose - the finest manager around. Whose record is unparalleled in the short time he's been managing. He truly is special.

      All bow down to TSO ...!

    • No "managere" will match his achievements. Try reading through your posts first, or better still don't post at all.

    • But no manager will, silly hippo!


    • No manager will ever match the levels of hat'red that yours has achieved.

    • "hat'red"?!?!?! You're right, silly Hippo ... no manager's hat will ever be as red!!!!

      ... and yes you're right again, no manager will win as many trophies as the Special One!

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