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  • mel n mel n Apr 27, 2006 05:48 Flag

    Another Win------ The Reds march on.

    It is nine in a row now, are we hot or what. Eight changes to the Chelsea match, same result, Rafa is a bloody genius. If only we had not made that slow start who knows where we will be now.

    Decent game for Cisse, another outstanding game for Sissoko, a not so bad match for Robbie but another absolute crappy game for Fernando Morientes. Well if Morientes can be that bad and be a Liverpool player there is no reason Fowler should not get a contract.

    Things are really looking good for next season. Bring The FA cup final, pity Garcia is going to miss it but he has himself to blame, that was stupid.

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    • Agreed. Momo did extremely well. I don't know whether you will agree, but he seems to have matured a lot after recovering from his horrific eye injury - may be he is seeing things differently, lol.

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      • Agree with everything already said especially about Momo he really bossed the midfield last night and was creative going forward a side to his play we do not see often in his normal defensive role. As for Morientes yes I think he should go at the end of the season but is it just me or is he also extremely unlucky, I mean last night one off the post, one off the bar and another disallowed for a offside which in many games would have been given. He must wonder at times what he has to do to score which must shake his confidence.

    • You are not by any chance referring to the 2 Arsenal players crashing together hoping Tot will stop play but they went on to score.

    • I don't think Rafa needs to go to hospital for Garcia Mark as it was only a flesh wound, wheras Robben caught the full force of the snipers bullet! LOL!

    • Both players from last night should miss the final, Garcia for failing to remain standing when he should have and Mullins for raising his hand to another player. That's the only way we can stamp out this urgly behaviour. Garcia is a very good player, there is no doubt. But it's behaviour like last night that give football a bad name. As for Mullins, I don't know him that much since I don't watch that much of West Ham.

    • Well the good thing from the red cards being shown is that all the players (LFC and West Ham) will have learnt for future games. I feel bad for Garcia but I bet he is not going to go down as easily as he did again!
      ......although I am not sure if the red card was for falling as he did or the elbow!
      Question....do you think Garcia elbowed Mullins intentionally?????