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  • Imran Imran May 19, 2006 18:07 Flag

    Michael Owen

    You're right about the passion - it's just about the only thing that defines a football player nowadays. Robbie is Liverpool through and through, and even if he isn't as mobile he'll get fit enough to make the most of his footballing brain which is invaluable; just look at the deciding goal against Bolton and his setting up goals for Cisse for proof. I hated the fact that Thommo & Houllier conspired to eject Robbie at the absolute height of his powers for no good reason other than what seemed to be a personality clash. I hope it was one in the eye for both of them.

    However as far as Owen is concerned, I would say that club football is a means to an end for him which is of course the England starting 11. He has admitted as much and don't think that he would be staying at Newcastle for much longer if a better club came in for him. I feel we should look at Bellemy, Bent and Defoe (sorry but I haven't seen Kuyt play) but also trust Rafa on this. I think that if he felt pride/compassion about having his fellow countryman Morientes in the team then he will have been burned by his lack of progress in the Premiership and won't be as soft next time.