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  • mel n mel n May 20, 2006 09:06 Flag

    Mr Mourinho once said................

    That he would never stand in the way of a player who was unhappy at Chelsea. Is it not surprisisng there fore that he is now insisting that want-away players Drogba and Gallas are going nowhere. Mr Mourinho has now added "liar" to his impressive resume of things one least admirers in a professional football manager.

    Not that I care a hoot whether any Chelsea player wants to leave or stay, the fact is that Drogba and Gallas are just the beginning of a sequence of turmoil in Roman's army. Its just a matter of time before the whole fiasco that is Chelsea Football club explodes in Mourinho's face. He has had to come down On Calvarho who was the first mercenary in the Chealsea ranks to start grumbling, Arjen Robben was next. With the arrival of Ballack it means more star players are going to be sidelined. With Ballack's arrival there is no way Mourinho can accomodate Lampard, Essien and Makelele. And there is no way either of these players will sit quietly on the bench. None of them are versatile enough to play on the wing like Gerrard and we all know the disaster that occurred when Chelsea played without wingers in the FA Cup semis. And should he decide to stick with his semi final experiment, you can be rest assured that Joe Cole , Robben and Duff will start grumbling too. Either way Jose is the loser.

    What I foresee is unrest and dissent at Chelsea next season especially if they sign Shevchenko as well and unhappy players no matter how talented will not produce the results on the pitch, ask Real Madrid. Football is about team work and playing for each other. Five defeats last season, having lost only once the season before, despite having bought more players means Chelsea are not progressing but retrogressing and it will only get worse. Money will not buy you everything.

    The good thing that can come out of this is that with Ballack and maybe Shevchenko arriving, Chelsea will still not win The CL, The Fa Cup or the Premiership for that matter and that can only mean Adios Mourinho and soon after that Roman will get frustrated and then its "SEE Ya" to the Mafia money and "Rest In Peace" to CHELSEA Football Club, What A glorious Special day that is gonna be.

    Ladies and gentleman, the itch that has been troubling us will soon be no more.

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    • a point in your thread with which i agree if roman quickly packed his money bags it would probably the end of chelsea to pay off thier debts they may have to go into liquidation.the whole team will be speedily got rid of to cut costs and speedy dumping means bargains a plenty for other teams in waiting.sorry chelski fans but since the arrival of jose m and roman a(not for winning the epl)the attitude, his cheating, to win at any cost i hate the team with a passion.he seems to get on a nerve and nothing can stop it.a bit like that neutral announcer(yea) andy gray

    • Totally agree mate. I've always said chelsea are an accident waiting to happen. Money can't buy your team a soul and thats a vital ingrident of long term success.
      We are still proving that, being this centurys most successful team yet again!