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  • Rob Rob Jun 8, 2006 07:58 Flag

    Cisse out, we can't sell - nightmare

    Terrible timing for Cisse to break his leg just when we were about to con one of the French teams out of £8 million for this useless excuse for a player.

    I don't wish this injury upon anyone, it's harsh I know but the guy is hopeless and half the time never even tried particularly when he came off the bench - he normally was sulking. I'm worried we're gonna be stuck with this clown at Liverpool till after the summer.

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    • He had a attitude problem but appeared to become good in the last few games. He was doing a fine job on the right flank causing lots of problems for defenders and putting in some quality passes. If we get less than 8m for him, I think we should keep him and use him as a right winger. This will free up Gerrard to take up a more central position and roam free.

    • didnt he score the first goal at cardiff?

    • I understand peoples frustration with Cisse. He has never shown us what we paid £14 million for. But then to be fair on him he has never had a consistent run of starting appearances. I think if we let him go we may see him go back to his old ways in France - he was top scorer in the Prima League for two years!

    • I'll give you a packet of pork scratchings for him

    • Mate i'm tired of all these people making a comment on Cissé's performance: The guy is the second best scorer of the club this season with only half of the time played compared to Morientes and Crouch (he is useless)The guy came back from injury once had to deal with the fact that despite being better striker than Morientes he had to go to an unatural position for him: right. He is a striker like Fowler don't expect him to do anything else, that's what houllier bought him for and I think that if Rafa is right at a defensive level, I think he needs seriously to get someone else for the forwards.

      I am a Liverpool fan and I hate the mentality of some of the fans at the moment: you would easily give a chance to Fowler but a guy like Cissé who does not benefit from the favours of the trainer is left on the bench... Now Cissé has broken his leg again and won't be fit for at least 8 months, but once again he will come back and prove himself to play in first team, meanwhile I hope Rafa will get the boot: His defensive play and boring tactics make him good to be at Chelsea but Liverpool deserves better than someone with no judgement.

    • I am not sure that this is the best time to be criticising Cisse. How about some compassion! The guy is not going to play in the WC and he may even have played his last ever competitive game for us and France. I couldn't imagine how the guy must be feeling at this moment - especially considering that he has already suffered a serious broken leg. Even if he does recover he may not play for between 8 and 9 months! Perhaps he isn't quite the player we expected for £14 million but I really think that the guy needs to be shown some sympathy by us 'the best football fans in the world'. Come on guys.

    • This season, he has scored 9 goals in the league, 6 in champions league and a few in the fa cups.
      These are decent statistics, not up to the level of the fee paid by Liverpool but quite good if you consider the time he spent on the pitch.
      He never get real opportunities to settle his squad, a pity because I am convinced he can be a top striker.

    • I do feel sorry for Cisse and hope he gets well and not just for Liverpools sake but why are people saying he's a decent player when he's an embarrasment to this club.

      He was the 2nd top scorer last season at Liverpool cos the other strikers are donkeys aswell and finished 2nd behind a midfielder (admittedly the best one in the world)

    • I don't watch him week in week out but I will say this.

      1/ Its really bad news for you guys because of the fact you were going to sell, you'll now need to keep him and keep paying him not only for the next 9 months or so but until he is fully rehabilitated (no one will buy him before then). There should be some kind of UEFA fund for this as after hes your asset.

      2/ I saw someone posted here that he runs and goes into tackles in an odd way. Its certainly odd that a player has broken his leg like this twice in recrd time. I think its even the other leg this time isn't it... there must be something odd going on there, either in his bne structure or his technique.... I can't believe its just bad luck. Once is bad luck.

      Tough luck you guys, hopefully you'll bounce back though and resolve the striking questions you have.