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  • faircritic faircritic Jul 2, 2006 02:22 Flag

    Ronlado got Rooney sent off

    when rooney made the accidental tackle on cavalhio the ref was not going to book him its only when ronaldo rushed in to the ref raising his hand suggetsting to the ref that he should send him off that rooney lost his top and pushed ronaldo and thats when the ref produced his red card. now that is very unsporting of ronaldo to do that to his own team mate
    how would rooney ever forgive him for terminating his world cup dream
    if its me i ll never speak to him again

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    • i think to win a world cup u need belief u need to believe that u are capable of winning that you are capable of going all the way but 40 years of dodgy decisions nocks that belief u cant rule out the fact that we dont get the rub of the green there is no question there was enough quality there was match winners all over the pitch but the players we looked to the most just didnt believe

    • So near and yet so far, again!

      In some ways this game was reminisant of the Argentina match 8 years ago.....

      After going down to 10 men, we raised our game.

      Again, I see everyone is looking for a scapegoat, so who shall we blame? Yes Ronaldo has proved himself to be a complete shit, but it's about time we look ourselves in the mirror to see the true reason we failed again.

      5 pretty average at best performances, key players including a non-existant captain not delivering, poor tactical and selection decisions from a non-caring hapless manager and worst of all, piss poor discipline when needed the most!.....etc etc etc

      We can easily point the finger at players missing spot kicks, but do we know what it's really like to make the 60 yards walk, place the ball on the spot and try to beat a keeper with 50000 people shouting and screaming the in the background, with a place in the World Cup semi-final place at stake. However credit where it is due, maybe not the best penalties in the world, but they were on target and Ricardo had to save them and he almost saved Hargreaves one as well.......

    • Still Giro collectors who missed Pens and took us out of World Cup. Cant blame the Scum forever. Take responsibility for inverior players at international level........gerrard, crouch, carragher..........

    • That's what is called psychological warfare in soccer. Christiano knew that Rooney will easily lose his top and he successfully played on that. Don't blame Christiano, his mission was to makesure that he unsettles England by hook or crook. It was childish of Rooney and I would not try to exonarate him from that mistake. The only issue is how will they play together at ManU? I suspect Christiano will move on to Madrid.