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  • martin martin Jul 2, 2006 02:35 Flag


    Now perhaps its time to stop worshipping these f*cking arrogant, overpaid, over-rated, up their own arses c*ck-suckers, and make them start giving us something back for the £100k plus a week that earn (Gerrard and lampard the two worst culprits) No hearts, no conviction and for players of their calibre, no respect for the millions of supporters, and the millions of pounds in their fat bank accounts.
    As a Liverpool supporter I am ashamed to say Gerrard was hapless except for his goals.
    And as for that Chelsea poster-boy, he couldn't score in a f*cking brothel in an England shirt.
    But hey, back to their mansions in Cheshire and Surrey and count their money.
    And as for Sven and his Bum-chum Beckham, don't even get me started...

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    • I have to disagree strongly there Gerrard plays his heart out 4 both club and country...... yes Beckham is well past his best and if I were manager of either club or country I'd not have Beckham in my side.. he's to slow all he's good for is dead ball situatations well Gerrard is as good which makes me wonder why did Lampard take the free kick? Gerrard's much better!!!

    • there was no passion on the penaltys and looked like no desire to win throughout the whole tournament overpaid w-nkers hate them all,I hope rooney headbutts ronaldo the pr-ck.

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      • Well yes I agree that they're paid why too much and transfer fees are crazy... whose worth £30m? Nobody in real terms if I was a manager and paid that I'd expect at least 3 goals a game for from that player for that money that I paid for him.. Maybe FIFA should cap transfer fees and say nobody is worth more than £20m and even thats a lot...