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  • Rob Rob Jul 3, 2006 00:07 Flag

    Lumpard - the worst player at the World Cup

    Now I would agree that lampard was off form. But Gerrard did not have a good world cup, even with your red glasses on you would have to agree, I would not give him the same Flack. Massively over-rated, is more the coments you are making. He has been one of our most consistent players both for Club and Country, good job you dont make the desisions for England, based on your biased summary of one of the best football players in the world (along with Terry, Gerrard and Ronaldinhio)

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    • Lampard is not up there with those players you mentioned. How on earth can you say that? Based on statistics? Statistics also state that USA are the 5th best team in the world!

      Everyone watching the world cup can see hes not even England 2nd best player let alone the worlds. Sorry, but I think you are the biased one robert.

      Gerrard missed a penalty but he also scored 2 goals in about 6 shots in the defensive role. Lampard had 35 didnt he? That is diabolical. He has an easy job at chelsea and he got found out for England. Carrick or Hargreaves would be ten times better.

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      • statistics :-wern,t england rated at 2nd in the world eh,england struggled in qualifying,struggled in the group stage even though yes they topped an easy group,and came unstuck against portugal and scolari again ..statistics

      • Not biased - just open minded, often I find that (take Owen hargreaves for example) it's easier to rule out a player, than accept they can play a role in the team.

        Hey lets just agree to disagree, as i have said before, lamps and gerrard are two great players, two great guys, and the Pool and Chelsea are so lucky to have them in their teams, I am sure if Gerrard had a bad patch, and I must say he didnt have a good game yesterday, you would stick by him and beleive in him to turn things around. And you would be a bit miffed if everyone abused his name, his right to a shout in the England team, and his character. I wont jump on that bandwagon if it did happen, and after seeing Ronaldo's exploits yesterday, i think the England team can keep their heads held high
        (no jokes about Crouch)