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  • ian ian Jul 5, 2006 18:36 Flag

    another foreign signing

    can benitez not see that only about 20% of the shite managers bring in from abroad actually work out o.k. ? look at the crap he's bought and who he's had to get rid of. same story with houlier.

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    • Buying players is like a lottery. You never know how they will fit in until you have them. But let's not lose sight of the fact that most of the players who have made the EPL so popular are foreign. You go club by club and list names that have been successful in the EPL and I bet you will have more foreign than British players. A good manager is one who sees his mistake in the market early and tries correct it. Other than Josemi and Morientes (sp) I can't think of another player brought in by Rafa who has not made some positive contribution. Forget about Pellegrino, he was just back up. Otherwise on a scale of 1-10, I give Rafa 8/10 in terms of impact of his purchases to the team's cause. Look at the following signings; Pepe, Momo, Alonso, Garcia, Agger, Zenden and even the resigning of Gero. You can't say they have been flops?