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  • Michael M Michael M Jul 7, 2006 02:34 Flag

    More to come in.........

    Rafa wants some more players. Who should he get, and who should go?

    Ashton, Defoe, and Kuyt are the obvious names for up front. There are still rumours about Joaquin. But which rightback is to cover for Finnan? Aurelio is a leftback (did we need another one?).

    Personally, I'd do everything I can to keep Didi, but he wants to play and Rafa can't guarantee him starts. We'll still need somebody to replace him, though there are more than enough midfielders in the squad.

    Traore has to go, and I don't see either of Houllier's "gems" staying around. His Zidane (Cheyrou) and Viera (Diao) are both gone, and Cisse looks to be out, as does Kirkland. So who's left to sell?

    Realistic suggestions on a postcard.....

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