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  • Apparently E.A. Sports are going to make their new, official, "F.I.F.A. 07" football game for the playstation more realistic, taking into account the events of the latest World Cup.

    The first new option is called "cheating, diving, conning the referee and getting your club team mate sent off ." You can play with or without this option when playing with most teams except Portugal, when it is compulsary to have the option "ON" or the team do absolutely nothing throughout the 90 mins.

    Also being considered is the second option, making an England player retake a penalty until he misses although this option is only available when the referee is an Argentinian who is still seething from seeing his own team knocked out the previous day on penalties.

    The third "special new feature is "F.I.F.A. President mode" when you get to select the most corrupt referees, pay or threaten them and continuallly change their powers throughout the whole competition from one extreme to another. You also recieve a huge pay check for doing nothing constructive apart from earning millions from corruption and pissing certain teams off by your arrogance and stubborness.

    ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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