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  • mel n mel n Jul 9, 2006 11:24 Flag

    the new arsenal

    If only one in five foreign signings are a success, then it means that for Reina, Alonso and Sissoko then Rafa has made fifteen bad signings. that is according to the statistics provided by the writer.

    It is always wise to think things through before someone puts it in print for the whole world to read. We can only judge how stupid or clever you are by what you write. Foreign or British does not determine whether one will be a success or a flop. Heskey was our record signing for quite a while and was not a success but was British. Stan Collymore if I remember correctly was a record British signing when we bought him but apart from a few good games never really delivered. Others are Dean Saunders, Mark Walters, Neil Ruddock,etc. It is all about a team's system of play, when these players were signed from their respective teams they had actually impressed but just did not fit into Liverpool's type of play. Signing a player is always a gamble, some gambles work out some do not. Case in point Newcastle are paying Michael Owen (Englishman) 103000 pounds every week for nearly 2 years and all he has managed is 10 games, and do not forget they paid 17 million punds for him to begin with.

    Its not about British or foreigner, its about results. I support Liverpool, the team not the players. A player can leave at the drop of a hat but the team will always be there. Personally I dont care if Rafa decides to sign Only Japanese players, if they bring the Premiership to Anfield then so be it.

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    • Yeh, I tend to agree with you. Nevertheless, I do hope to see some British players in our team. Now, we have Steven G, Carra, Crouch, Bellamy (4 regulars)and Warnock. We might have Defoe and/or Pennant by next week. That would be nearly 1/2 of the team. That should be sufficient mix. But that should not be the main factor in buying players. Our $$ is limited and British players are expensive. Leave it to Rafa. I have trust in him although he is too careful and slow in the transfer market.