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  • Imran Imran Jul 26, 2006 20:36 Flag

    What the hell is going on with Xabi?

    I've just seen tribalfootball.com and it says that Real Madrid have matched LFC's asking price for Xabi of £17m. Are we going to sell him? Why place such a price on him if he's an integral part of the team? I'm getting worried here if this is true.

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    • Xabi is going nowhere. Rafa doesn't want him to leave, and the LFC board do not want to upset the gaffer as to put thoughts of leaving in his mind.

      Tribalfootball = crock of sh._ it

    • The rumour mongers and the PR department at Real are at it again! GOD!!, enough already. I am sure Calderon and Cappello got more time on their hands than most of us combined.

      I don't think Alonso will be leaving anytime soon.

    • No, i am 100% sure Rafa wont sell him. Hes a class player and with class players there will always be teams wanting them. he wants to stay, Rafa wants him to stay, hes staying.

    • I personally think that it is Real's attempt to unsettle him before the beginning of the season. He is an obvious target for them and I think that this is the beginning shots for the long-term strategy of signing him from us. I just hope that Xabi is as committed to LFC as he says he is - and I just hope the board will resist the temptation of the big money that will be proposed as well. He is an integral part of the team and it would be a great shame and a negative move for the club to sell him.

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      • I'm well aware that a part of a footballer's psychological make up is ambition and the will to make the most of their time spent in the game. But bearing that in mind, who would you want to go to that you feel is bigger than Liverpool? Anyone can see that in the 2 years Rafa has been with us we've won the two biggest cup competitions that relate to English and European football. He has generated momentum that is, well, unstoppable and independent observers looking in on Anfield can see the excitement with being part of this 'Rafalution'. Even when Houllier let Michael Owen's contract lapse to the point that we had to sell him to make some kind of profit Owen didn't want to take the chance of seeing what exactly Rafa could do with what he had inherited. His is an example that many should take note of. No matter what your skill level, if you're unfashionable at a place like Real then no one will want to play you, even if you're scoring more than Raul and Ronaldo combined.