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  • Imran Imran Aug 2, 2006 19:47 Flag

    Benitez v Maureen

    Just saw this on the Times Online site:

    It is a sign of Liverpool’s emergence as a force in the Barclays Premiership that José Mourinho should be moved to dismiss their threat as title challengers. The Chelsea manager always likes to get his retaliation in early and yesterday provided a subtle savaging of Rafael Benítez’s side, damning them with faint praise for their defensive qualities. With 11 days remaining until Chelsea and Liverpool kick off the season with the FA Community Shield, the mind games have begun in earnest.

    Benítez has succeeded in getting under Mourinho’s skin since European football’s brightest young managers both moved to England two years ago, but there is more than simple spite to the Portuguese’s outburst. Although Liverpool have won only two of the ten increasingly ill-tempered meetings between the sides in the past two seasons, those victories came in the most important matches, the Champions League in 2005 and this year’s FA Cup semi-final, revealing Benítez to be the only Premiership manager capable of matching the Special One in a tactical battle.

    The mind games have started and we can see who Maureen fears the most!

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    • I totally agree, i think he fears us but as you say the mind games have started, he wants our boys backs up and i think he's hoping we come out and tries to hard to get the results we want and don't perform to our potential, bad news Jose the brat we been in this game a lot longer than you and ill take more than "dismissing " us as a not a threat, to get our backs up, better teams and managers in the passed tried and failed.

    • Mourinho won the champions league with Porto, so sorry guys he has the edge, he has won almost every title he has gone for except the FA cup and the european super cup, Benitez is a good manger, but Mourinho is a different class. You don't stand a chance of winning the title this year or next or the year after that.... sorry guys chelsea are here to stay

    • Both of them are good coaches. Benitez is a quiet guy, highly respected by the majority of the EPL does his job. Mourhino does his job plus starts psychological warfare on other teams. Gets into major BS with Wenger, Jol and the rest of the EPL Both of them are brilliant tacticians. Mourhino has won the club two consectives EPL titles but Benitez has won the CL Cup (in the best game ever) plus the FA Cup and has a really good chance of getting the EPL title.

      Mourhino has alot of pressure on him to succeed both in playing the EPl and keeping everyone on that team happy which is a very difficult job. Benitez has the right combination of good players and superstars to make a successful team.

      Benitez has the advantage in my opinion.

    • Sounds like the sheep herder yelling wolf before they even get there. Hopefully the team will take the same approach as RAFA, be quiet and train and let the game speak for itself. Chelsea might be able to buy all the players but they can only play 11. Like I said before, let Lampard take all the shots like he did in the world cup and they'll loose all there games.
      We already had a good defense, and it got better also we added midfield and forwards so we're looking stronger. They'll have to take out on the there allstars to put in another allstar, they don't gain anything. Besides the only attention Maureen gets is when he opens his mouth to downgrade someone.

    • Don't forget, that we approached the Moaning One to be our manager a few years ago, and decided not to pursue the matter so I think he might just be holding something of a grudge!

    • As far as I am concerned this isnt even a debate. Of course benitez is a better manager than maureen, so is Jol , Alardyce and dare I say it ferguson. I have seen nothing to suggest that jose has any kind of special tactical knowledge or that he is great at spotting a good player. In fact chelsea have made 2 major buys this summer (shev and ballack) and neither of these the managers choice they were romans. I may be proved to eat my words but I actually watch a lot of serie A football and despite his obvious strengths as a striker I cannot see what improvement shevchenko is going to make to the squad and I doubt that he will be as threatening as drogba was last season. Plus paying a ludicrous ammount of money for a player who is in the twilight of his career. Michael ballack is class however and is certainly a good investment.
      Maureen is in aposition where few managers would fail, he has an endless bankroll and a club that doesnt mind paying twice the asking fee for a player. Benitez however (along with every other manager in the league) has to strengthen the squad with a limited budget therefore finding players that perhaps are underated or in other ways a bargain. The fact that maureen has once again made a statement to belittle liverpool whilst benitez stays quiet and focusses on squad preparation is yet another example in not only the gulf in tactical knowledge between the two, but also the gulf in class.

    • May 07, egg on face (of Maureen).........

      Defence rests its case your honour.

      Oh by the way, can you please give me the Court date for Mr Bates whilst we are here......

      Ha Ha!!

    • Good points one and all. I remember Rafa saying that he felt RA was to be given the kudos for the success and not Maureen. I kind of liked that!

    • Good points and observations. Just one correction though, rafa has not shown that he can match mourinho in a tacical battle. he has shown that he can Beat Mourinho in a tactical battle.

      Simple fact is that Jose is scared, these are the same dismissals he gave in the CL and FA cup and we all know what happenned , dont we?

    • Could you see Maureen winning the CL in '05 with the squad Houllier left behind and not much to spend?

      Enough said!

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