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  • scarface scarface Aug 10, 2006 08:16 Flag

    peter crouch good or bad?


    i love liverpool fc as much as anyone but i think peter crouch was one of the worst signings ever made by my beloved team..
    he is useless and has no clear ability apart from being a giant and having an good 1st touch..

    i was at the maccabi game tonite and at 1-1 rafa took off bellamy (who might i add played well, scored a goal and looked as sharp as a knife) for the jolly ugly giant who looked lazy and couldnt get power behind his headers if his life depended on it...

    ok he did put mancu out of the cup but is he good enough for the most succesful club in the country for this coming season?

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    • Ryan, I have to disagree with you there. Crouch is not only a bargain of a purchase, at a mere 7m, his contribution to the team, and here I don't just mean Liverpool but also England, is tremendous. He should not be measured by the number of goals he scored, that has never been his strength, but it is his contribution to the team that should be counted.

      His presence gives an extra dimension to a team when needed, yesterday's game is a case in point. He is an obvious target man. By your own admission, he is good at first touch for a tall guy like him. That's exactly why he is useful in setting up goals for our speedy strikers.

      Rafa is a manager with a big picture in mind. He realises that a successful team needs different styles against different opponents. Having Crouch on board gives him that extra dimension. Look at his purchase this summer, he bought Pennant on the right and Gonzales on the left. It is obvious that he wants to use pace to run down opponents on the flanks, delivering crosses for a target man like Crouch, who will touch on for Bellemy, Garcia, Fowler, etc to score.

      I like the guy tremendously and I have full confident that he will be part of our EPL title winning team. YNWA

      Lastly, just a thought, I would hate to face an opponent with Crouch as their target man up front!

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      • Spot on reply!!

        I was really hoping to see that formation last night, Bellamy and Crouch up front, and Gonzales, Alonsoi, Gerrard and Pennant in midfield.

        Its a winnig formation.

        Bellamy and Pennant were great last night!

      • i like crouch hes not like every 6 ft player, most player off his height would just header the ball, he doesnt he can if he so wishes tap the ball down and shoot, which makes it alot harder to defend agaisnt :)

      • think liverpool need crouch,once he came on the other day liverpool played a more direct game!

      • Everybody agrees Crouch should not be the lone striker, needing a speedy scorer running around him or a second target to divert the pressure on the tall guy. Unfortunately Cisse and Morientes both failed to play this role last season. Now they both are gone.

        Can you see why Rafa has been playing his friendly matches and this CL qualifying match with only one forward upfront. I don't want to see this to be Rafa's prefered formation, but I do not want anyone to underestimate the quality of the Isrealis either. We need the matches to test the proper formation we ought to have in the real EL games.

        We did badly in the first 10-12 games in EL, missing the opportunities to score the additional 10 points at least. At the end, we lost to United by a bare point, and nine points from the premier. We cannot afford to have such a poor start of a season again this time.

      • Well said Ricky. At times, he looks clumsy and slow but his presence will unsettle the opposition's defence. If you look at him as a provider rather than a scorer, then he's ok. At 7M, I would say it's reasonable (not too cheap either). Anyway, we need another pacey striker to cover/partner Bellamy bearing in mind he is quite injury prone. I reckon Fowler is only effective as a sub. Having said that, I still believe Crouch should be able to score double digit this new season.

    • theres good,bad and theres ugly.

    • Personally I'm fed up with all this talk about Crouch being crap. Basically it's from people who do not watch the game properly, and probably just watch the highlights.

      I loved the way all the England fans got so excited by Walcott in the Summer just because we saw a clip of some of his highlights. You could do that with loads of people who play Sunday League football.

      Crouch is a great footballer, ask any manager in the Premiership, I'm sure even Maureen draws up a plan to try and stop him.

      One more thing, I hate the way everyone says he's got an excellent touch for a big man, he hasn't, he's got an excellent touch for a big, medium, or small man. Could be better with his head though.

    • how on earth can u say crouch worst signin ever he is quality i have to listen to this rubbish every day from the people i work with look at last season how well did he do and for england now come on mate get a grip with yourself, call ur self a liverpool fan!!!!!!!!!

    • I think LFC should pull out all the stops and sign Ribery to partner Crouch up front.. with Cisse, Morientes gone we need an all out striker if not a few.. otherwise you've gotta ask where's the goals gonna come from? Midfield?

    • Crouch dosnt look the part but is effective as a footballer.
      However, he cant get any power or direction in his headers.
      I think he has got a shock absorber in his kneck and his head is a snooker cue tip with a sponge on the end.?

    • bad
      we need to get rid of him fast

    • Lets look at the facts:

      Set up many goals......quite a few for Gerrard!
      Scored atleast 12 goals in his first season!
      Had Cissee and Mori as Strike partners?????
      The only England stiker to score in the WC!
      Big part of the FA Cup winning run!

      So for the FA Cup alone I would say he was worth his height in gold!
      All of us red fans that went mad with joy when Crouchy scored the winner against Man U should not have a negative thing to say as he def. deserves another season besides with better stiker and wingers around him I think he will be even better.....case in point, the Charity Shield!

    • We were much better in the last 20mins, thanks largely to Crouch. I don't think Gonzalez would have scored had Crouch not been on the pitch, he drew in 2 defenders and left a big gap behind him. It's contributions like that which go unnoticed but make a huge difference. I still feel we need one more striker but Crouch will be vital to any success we have this season

    • I'm no Liverpool fan but I've said all last year you'd be a real threat if you could sort out your strikers... look at the ones youve tried over the last few years and look at the money spent. Personally I do not think Crouch is the man for you guys, I really think as soon as he comes on things start going long ball an I really do not think thats your best game as Gerrard does not get in the goal mix as much as he should with a long ball game.

      Personally I don't know what the resolution is, Crouch has remarkable touch for such a big man but without wanting to have a go he's clearly not world class and thats what you guys need.... just look at the opposing strikers... Schevchenko, Henry and used to be Van N (now its anyones guess)but they got Rooney. All different but all world class, those are your opponents for the prem title and I think if you guys are honest with yourselves as you tend to be here the club could do with a world class striker up front.Peter Crouch great guy, good at what he does and excellent for such a tall man but not world class and does not suit your style of play.

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