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  • rrichards rrichards Aug 13, 2006 21:20 Flag

    ref: Man Utd & Gary Glitter

    Further to the earlier posts(on MU board) - Gary Glitter is indeed connected to Man Utd, although it has to be said, not as a player.

    In the 1970's he was well known in the ground as the warm up man walking round the touchline stands, drumming up the Utd supporters with well known chants such as "do you want to be in my gang"? (see man utd post on this page)

    He was particularly popular in the Stretford End where he would mingle with die hard Utd fans and let them stroke his sequined jacket.

    After some un-disclosed incident he was quickly transferred to Middlesborough, where he took up a course in computing whilst still continuing his career as a pop star and crowd pleaser.

    His career appeared to fade until the 90's when he was brought into the headlines again after some computer error - which cost him a 2 month jail sentence.

    Apparently he then went abroad but continued to support Utd and keeps in touch with Utd on these yahoo pages under some pseudonym.
    I wonder who it is...

    My guess Glazer must die.. or eddieeeee

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