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  • Imran Imran Aug 17, 2006 18:30 Flag

    Kuyt fee agreed!

    Agreed. Thanx for the post abharrison, this really could be our year. Rafa's looked at the problem areas and done something about them, pure and simple. It's getting back to pass and move which all the best teams put into practice, e.g. Reds in the 80s, Arsenal in the 90s. I sincerely hope that Chelski (who want to become London's Real Madrid & looked what happened to them!) get their comeuppance as shown in the Community Shield. Teams like Arsenal and (oh well) ManUre have their part to play in making this the closest Premiership since Abramovich came in with his dirty money.

    By the way, Ashburton Grove looks awesome. Hope we can get the financing sorted for something like that.