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  • No, it is plain cheating. If a player tries to claim a throw in or corner, their just trying it on, it doesnt lead to a direct chance to score a goal, changing the game completely. As for finding it difficult finding fault with gerrard, in the last 4/5 seasons, I've watched him become a great player. I've also seen him change over that time from a player who used to go out some game to try and break the legs of some players, to one of the premierships top 5 divers. Remember the comment he made that he wouldnt like to see it in his team? he'd have a word with someone if he was thier captain because he does'nt like it? then next game goes down about 4 times in the box trying to get a penalty. If he knows theres been no contact, which he must because we can see there was no contact, he sits on the floor with his arms out, screaming for something that he hasn't earned, he conned the ref by cheating, I cant see any defence.

    It wasn't just him diving, but he was the one who took two points off sheff utd.