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    How to be come a Liverpool Fan?

    Following on from the tread Liverpool Fans from Liverpool, I thought it interesting, why each of us chose the Mighty Reds as our club.

    From they way i look at it, its for one of three reasons:

    1. Born Local to the club ie it is the closest major club

    2. Family reasons ie Dad, Grandand supported us

    3. We were the successfull club at the time of you first watching football.

    or a combination of them

    For me its reasons 1 and 2, but could easily be 3 as well as we the dominant club(8o's) through my formative years when you pick your club to follow. Although if we had been rubbish i am sure my dad wouldnt not have let me support another club!! lol

    I think the real sticking point is number 3, why should you choose a club that you have no family or locality ties to just because they are top club.

    The are dozens of other clubs which they could support premiership or non premiership, now i am not generalising everyone as i know people from abroad who support liverpool this would be the major why they support us to start with.

    But for someone from London to support Liverpool just because we are successfull seems to me wrong!!

    Supporting your football club is like being part of a community at thats what clubs like liverpool like to promote.

    So for people from other parts of the country how can they be part of community?

    I will probably be slated from all quaters, but any one have any thoughts on my comments?

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    • Aces it is always good for people to think back to when they first started to support LFC and think the post is a good one mate. But like i said earlier (no offence intended to pure scousers) it does make me laugh when some people say hey why should you support our club when half the team are not even English let alone born in Liverpool. I think even half of those none English players who play for us grew up supporting Liverpool anyway and like i say when you have a taste of the best who needs the rest.

    • I probably support Liverpool because of reason 3,(my elder brothers also support them though) I live on the East coast. But I've remained a Liverpool fan until today, and always will support them. Its just the same for other teams. I've noticed far more people who support Chelsea since they started winning things. It was the same with Man U and Arsenal, but what they forget is sometime soon LFC will be the top team again, and the likes of Chelsea and Man U will never have a Stevie G or a tradition like Liverpools!!!!

    • In the 90s they started showing EPL football in the US, untill then we had to get lucky and see some great shot on ESPN or wait for the World Cup or the final of the Champions league to watch it. During the World Cup in the 90s England had brought on a 18 year old kid name Owen and I was hooked. I found out what team he was on and started supporting them.
      My brothers wife is English and I had her brother pick me up a LIverpool jersey which I proudly wear.
      It almost seems that your saying that if your not from Liverpool or had family from Liverpool that now that there doing well we can't be part of the fun even though we have supported them for almost 10 years.
      And just to let you know I had a chance to see a game in Seattle but didn't go because Chelsea were playing and I don't like them, arch rival type of thing.

    • ok aces. here from u soon.

    • again holly, you may be the most passionate supporter there is! and i made up if you are! As the post of the other guy/fella its the fairweather fans that are the worst.

      i never doubted your loyality or passion to liverpool fc, just curious of the reason why you supported liverpool

    • And You, Just started work, busy day today


    • cheers ed have a good one

    • I have not followed the discussion between you and Ace, but it is clear to me, for whatever reasons you are both committed. Thats good enough for me!! The reasons are irrelevant and probably as individual as you are!


    • very very proud. just dont understand why aces cant see this. there are alot of great supporters out there mostly not from liverpool.

    • Yes, "it's a funny old game"!!


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