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    How to be come a Liverpool Fan?

    Following on from the tread Liverpool Fans from Liverpool, I thought it interesting, why each of us chose the Mighty Reds as our club.

    From they way i look at it, its for one of three reasons:

    1. Born Local to the club ie it is the closest major club

    2. Family reasons ie Dad, Grandand supported us

    3. We were the successfull club at the time of you first watching football.

    or a combination of them

    For me its reasons 1 and 2, but could easily be 3 as well as we the dominant club(8o's) through my formative years when you pick your club to follow. Although if we had been rubbish i am sure my dad wouldnt not have let me support another club!! lol

    I think the real sticking point is number 3, why should you choose a club that you have no family or locality ties to just because they are top club.

    The are dozens of other clubs which they could support premiership or non premiership, now i am not generalising everyone as i know people from abroad who support liverpool this would be the major why they support us to start with.

    But for someone from London to support Liverpool just because we are successfull seems to me wrong!!

    Supporting your football club is like being part of a community at thats what clubs like liverpool like to promote.

    So for people from other parts of the country how can they be part of community?

    I will probably be slated from all quaters, but any one have any thoughts on my comments?

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    • Born 5 miles away from anfield, dad, grandad, greatgranddad...great great g....you get the message: all supported the club so it was bred in to me at an early age. When I was growing up in the 70's-80's we were winning everything around to a point..........

      I have no problem with anyone from anywhere in the world supporting Liverpool as long as their heart is in the club: The other day I read a letter from the Canadian Liverpool Supporters Club on Liverpool TV's website and these guys have to get up a 4am to watch a normal match: Which they seem to do religiously......They have parties just before any Liverpool final match starts and parties after we win: One mate of mine who was born, bred and still lives in the states buys an LFC kit every season and never misses a game on the tele, even though he has to get up at 5am.........So if a FAN has PASSION....Then I'd say they're not plastic supporters.

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      • so im a plastic fan because i dont live in liverpool never have nevar probably will no real relatives from there i bet that even though i dont live in the wonder full city i am every bit as pasionate about l.f.c than the next person the only reason u make a point of this s beause u enjoy the rivalry the rivalry between two home towns so this is the thing l.f.c are an english club i am english so i support l.f.c because they are my favourate english club i dont like the way some of u assume because u r related to the city that it is your club but get it right liverpool is as much my city as it is yours and i live miles away from liverpool i always will

      • i became a liverpool fan cos it was genetically in built in me to hate man u & therefore supporting lfc was the thing to do.

      • I came to the country when i was 6 in 1985. My best friend at the time was a Wimbledon supporter and would take me to games. As i lived near Wimbledon at the time i thought they should be MY team but i never felt associated with them. I ended up getting a season ticket at the time for them just so i could watch games but my passion lay with Liverpool. I'd read and heard loads about the history of this great club at that age and it really left a mark on me. Another major reason i loved the team was that the greatest band in the world emerges from there. I remember running onto the Plough Lane pitch and picking up John Barnes' tie-ups. That was a great moment!! I've been a Liverpool fan ever since and won't look back. Yes i live in London, no i don't go to the games as much as i'd like, yes i do contribute to the club financially and yes i have real passion for the club. I completely see the point of view from some who feel to be a true supporter they should have lived close to the ground etc, but i do believe if someone has major passion for a club then they are entitled to support them. If i'm a plastic fan then so be it. I'll support the Reds till my dying day.

    • Now wouldn't that be a signing!

    • whats this? someone being sensible?

    • 1. Grew up in Walton, near Goodison.
      2. Family are all Reds, going back to the 1920s and probably earlier despite living in the shadow of Goodison.
      3. This argument is throw out for me as I've been a LFC fan all my life (based on 1-2). If I was the fairweather glory hunter, then I'd have left the Reds behind in the '90s. This puts down the CFC fan claim that we are the glory hunters because many of us supported the Reds in the '70s and '80s.
      4. The wife isn't a Scouser, but likes the Reds because of No. 2. (me) and No. 4 (she liked Gary McAllister, who is listed as the No. 32 of the 100 Players Who Shook The Kop on the official site).
      5. Anybody who has You'll Never Walk Alone played at their wedding, and wears an LFC top while their son (future LFC goalie) is born must be a true Red!

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      • acesup1505; disagree with u!!!!!.what a really simple way of looking at this. am scottish and only have one club which is liverpool. supported this club since i was 5 (1984). i do not come from a footballing family and nor do i have family down in liverpool.
        liverpool have a great support up here in scotland mainly due to the great scottish players and manager that have served this great club. also when liverpool started 10 scot played in first 11!!!!.
        think you should take a look at yourself! its people like you that give this great club a bad name!!! supporting liverpool ur a joke!!!! anyone agree

        lets here it 4 king kenny!!!!!!!!!!

      • When i was 6 my fav colour was red so looking thru my mates sticker album at the teams, 2 stood out, Man U & liverpool..... i had to choose

        as soon as i saw the teams profiles ... there was a welshman..... Ian Rush...
        i was there ... LFC forever.
        i think i broke my dads heart that day..........
        the man.ure supporting scum!!
        he did buy me the crown paints away kit though!!! respect

    • You know it makes me laugh when i read posts like this. I think that you should look into the history of the club before saying things like "hey you cant support our club because your not scouse". If Liverpool's founder John Houlding thought like that do you honestly think Liverpool would have taken off. Back then i doubt any scouse player would have looked at Liverpool let alone play for us as Everton were more well known.

      As for how i began supporting Liverpool is simple, My best mate at the time was from Liverpool and was often made fun of because of his accent (kids can be like this as we all know) but i chose to befriend him and he introduced me to the Reds and of course my Idol Ian Rush. Anyway i can clealy remember me and him wearing our shirts with pride in the school yard and trampling on any Manc that got in our way (sigh the good old days).

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      • Jaysus just had a scary flashback, was talking to Al on mail earlier about when I was in Waterford 74/75, remember now my uncle was a Man U fan and he bought me a Man U kit bag (remember the pvc ones with the skinny shoulder straps), I can remember it had Martin Buchan and I think one of the Grennhoff brothers on it, anyway remember getting a black marker and colouring out all the heads and writing "Liverpool are magic" on it and yes remember getting slapped around the yard when I got home, but it was worth it.

    • unfortunately i have another one to add to your summary, When i was a kid playing football, i Played as a striker, Being welsh and prowd of it, My idot was Ian Rush, Who was one of the best strikers at the time, as it happens he played for liverpool, thus i choose liverpool as my football team. Yes! They were winning, which i suppose made it easier to support Liverpool, But
      Primarily it was my role model for the position that i played in.

    • Another reason for me sticking with the Mighty Reds is because the first live Football match i went to see was Liverpool at Anfield and once you have had a taste of that ground you never want to go elsewhere, hell im proud to be Welsh but everytime i come up to Liverpool to watch a game i dont want to go home

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      • I was borned in Hong Kong but lived in England for 18 years from 1976 to 1994(Ramsgate, Sheffield, London). I first watched Liverpool play was a live TV broadcast in 1973 - Liverpool vs ManU in the FA Cup final. That was the first ever live tran-atlantic televised match, so you can imagine the whole town went crazy. I was only 13 then, and the TV was still black and white, so I couldn't tell which team was wearing red. Liverpool lost 2-1. All my classmates who watched that match became a ManU fan, but for some unexplained reasons, I fell for Liverpool. I have been a loyal fan of the club even since. During my stay in England, Sheffield Wednesday was still in the then First Division. I used to pay 5 quid just to go to the game whenever Liverpool was in town, but couldn't really afford to travel with the team as I was only a student. Have been to Anfield 8 times, awsome experience, something I can never put down in words.

        If you ask me one thing that really stick in my mind about the club, that was in 1978, my first homage to Anfield, I took a photograph with Bob Paisley. That photo is one of my proudest possessions and always placed next to my wedding photo.

    • For me I am an Arsenal fan and thats a family thing. I understand what you mean about only supporting a side because they are winning and the belief that communities should support their side etc. The problem I think is very complicated. With all the TV exposure and the celebrity hype etc, its easy for kids to support the strongest teams, kids like winners and TV is a big influence. Secondly, unfortunately a sense of community is dying out in a lot of our cities, it effects football just like a whole host of other things (local shops etc). Sadly I think people supporting local sides for the fact that they are local is rapidly disappearing and people (kids) supporting the sides that are winning will continue to rise. The only silver lining to this is of course that the kids who grow up supporting Chelsea now may well regret it when Abramovich tires of his toy in five or ten years and the true level of the debt in the club comes back to haunt them.

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      • This kind of ties in with the thread about second teams - I know my own list starts with Liverpool in the first 100 positions but then I like Tranmere, Man City, have a soft spot for Accrington, then basically any North West club, then any non-London club, any English club, any other club, root canal work without pain relief, Leeds, Everton and I'm not sure whether Chelsea or Man U take bottom but they are the last two that's for sure

    • I was born in Anfield to a red dad with a blue mum and lived through the glory years. However I now live in Dartford (although China at present)and have a young lad. At the age of two he told me that Chelsea were the best - we had a few chats. Now he wears the Liverpool kit to bed, has a mocked up picture of him at the Champions league cup final on the wall and recently told his mum that "when you have a wee it goes down the drains all the way to Chelsea where they make it into shirts" - calls them "Chelsea-Poo" (one word). So you may have to add parental brainwashing to the list

    • OK I became a fan probably because of the bandwagon thing and I'm from down south. ALTHOUGH I have never swapped for Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea when they overtook us in comparison. I regularly make my way to Anfield as well as away, spend wonga loads in the club shop,and You'll never walk alone makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time! If you had to be a fan living in Liverpool, or related to then the clubs marketing policy to bring in the revenue to buy players and improve the ground would be in tatters. Oh I also support my local team Gillingham F.C, but shamefully probably not as much as I do Liverpool (I would want Liverpool to win if they played, but maybe on pens after a 5-5 draw! Plus I did go to an interview at John Moores Uni if that gives any credibility.

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