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  • ian s ian s Aug 24, 2006 08:40 Flag

    f me, your not even english, never mind a scouser.

    It is quite simply the type of english up with which we will not put! (consult Hansard) There is a begginers course in English being run on the Millwall board, all idiots welcome please try it youll feel at home there!


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    • That's 'beginners' saint! Can't you spell?

      As for some LFC fans not being Scousers, or English, personally I don't care, so long as once they're on the bandwagon they stay on board. Don't want gloryhunters who come and go. Anybody 'outsiders' who started following LFC during the glory days and has stuck around through the mediocrity that was the '90s and supports only LFC is one of us.

      In contrast, some idiot who picks a player's name, and makes moronic comments rather than actually get involved in football discussion just shows himself up for what he is. I'll let others choose the phrases for you..........

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      • At last, someone who has said what needs to be said about supporting Liverpool . . .
        I live in Bath, which as travel goes, is a 389 mile round trip . .I have been to over 150 games in the last 25 years (the amount of times I have tried to get in and failed as well) (To show you my commitment, who remembers the last game in the old Kop when we rained down thousands of footballs onto the ref before the match . .who remembers that!).
        I have been to many european matches (when I can) . .and I was even at wembley to watch Dalglish score his famous goal in the euro cup final . . . I have supported them all my life (40 years) and you cannot find a better bunch of supporters anywhere . . All of you are true fans of the game . . we even support good football when we get beat .
        So, thanks for the post and the chance to answer. LFC is a football club with honest values . .