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  • Imran Imran Aug 24, 2006 19:33 Flag

    In praise of Everton but now I NEED YOUR HELP!

    That seems to be my only option. A mate of mine (chelski fan - yes, we are mates!) has a friend living near Goodison who's a Red (even crazier!) and is after tickets but at face value. It's something if I was unsure about being caught touting but it would be nice to have a mark-up on this nonetheless. Thanks for your help Marc.

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    • Personally I would charge face value for the ticket and charge him a hundred quid for delivery.
      It appears that you dont want the authorities to find out that the ticket was touted. Well putting it on E Bay isnt the smartest thing to do unless sold at face value. You also said that some season ticket holder might have missed out because of your unique situation. How would you feel if you were a season ticket holder and somebody got your ticket??? Yes the prospect of making a few quid is tempting but if you are a real football fan do the right thing after all they came through for you.