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  • Imran Imran Aug 25, 2006 00:08 Flag

    In praise of Everton but now I NEED YOUR HELP!

    My mate (the Chelski fan) said that his mate living near Goodison is a Red so that was no hardship! However I haven't been to a derby game before and I'm not sure if the tickets are in the Liverpool section. I made things worse by not telling the box office about my loyalties but figured that I was never going to get the tickets anyway so why not maximise my chances by not saying where my allegiances lay.

    However I've been on the Everton page of yahoo today and there was a thread running about Merseyside saying how it's stupid that we seem to hate each other and yet when something terrible happens (Hillsborough) we come together in a way that almost familial in its outlook. I left a message saying that I was a Red and the best thing that I saw was the Merseyside Cup Final in the wake of Hillsborough where everyone came together and were singing "Merseyside Merseyside Merseyside"!

    If we're surrounded by Everton fans then we'll just have to be a bit quiet! Anyway, the Chelski fan is thinking of us going in fancy dress in case the cameras manage to catch us! Think we're letting ourselves in for a right lamping tho...