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  • Imran Imran Aug 24, 2006 16:41 Flag

    In praise of Everton but now I NEED YOUR HELP!

    Hello everyone,

    I recently asked a few of you about tickets to the Merseyside Derby as part of the events for my stag do but was informed that it was pretty much impossible. I've applied to Everton and told them about the whole situation and how I'm getting married on 16th September.

    I have to report that they came through for me! I am the proud holder of 9 tickets in the Paddock Area. I'm absolutely amazed, especially knowing that season ticket holders and fans in possession of ticket stubs for games held priority in these circumstances. I'm extremely grateful to them but now I need your help.

    I've had one of my mates drop out as he's on his hols and won't be back in time. I therefore have one ticket which either I should sell on or notify Everton about. Does anyone know what are the consequences of selling the ticket on for a mark-up given that my name is on the bloody thing?! Or should I just contact Everton and advise them of the change in circumstances?

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    • By the way thanks for your good wishes mate. I'm sure we'll have a great time. It's bloody footy heaven innit!


    • My mate (the Chelski fan) said that his mate living near Goodison is a Red so that was no hardship! However I haven't been to a derby game before and I'm not sure if the tickets are in the Liverpool section. I made things worse by not telling the box office about my loyalties but figured that I was never going to get the tickets anyway so why not maximise my chances by not saying where my allegiances lay.

      However I've been on the Everton page of yahoo today and there was a thread running about Merseyside saying how it's stupid that we seem to hate each other and yet when something terrible happens (Hillsborough) we come together in a way that almost familial in its outlook. I left a message saying that I was a Red and the best thing that I saw was the Merseyside Cup Final in the wake of Hillsborough where everyone came together and were singing "Merseyside Merseyside Merseyside"!

      If we're surrounded by Everton fans then we'll just have to be a bit quiet! Anyway, the Chelski fan is thinking of us going in fancy dress in case the cameras manage to catch us! Think we're letting ourselves in for a right lamping tho...

    • riskygeezer always sell your tickets for face value to other Liverpool fans!
      Have you been to a derby game before?
      are your tickets in the liverpool section ?
      did you tell the ticket office you are liverpool fans?
      If not beware of the blue shite cos they despise us reds in a way you would never understand.!
      Take care and enjoy your weekend in the pool.

    • Thanks mate I'm really looking forward to it. We're going to Anfield on Sunday for the tour of the stadium and museum as well so it'll be a weekend in footy heaven! I hope that it's Robbie's and Dirk's day as opposed to Andy Johnson's.

      As a preamble to the wedding tho I don't think it will sink in that I'm getting married until I'm wearing the suit!

      All the best.

    • Glad you got sorted risky and hope you have a good weekend in Liverpool. I am going to the Derby myself so here's to an entertaining game.

    • Thanks Stuart, my mind was made up and it's going at face value. I'll contact my Chelski mate and tell him that the ticket for his friend is ready.