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  • Rob Rob Aug 30, 2006 06:11 Flag

    Who's better Alonso or Sissoko?

    Alonso is better.

    I've seen alot of people's strongest Liverpool XI and Alonso is being left on the bench and some have even suggested they wouldn't mind him being sold. I think some people have short term memories or just want to jump on any bandwagon cos Sissoko's flavour of the month.

    I know Sissoko's started this season with a bang, he is a great player and has stamina like a steam engine but he's not nearly good at passing (well noone is really) and Alonso is just as good in the tackle (2nd most tackles in the league last year). Sissoko will be as good as Alonso in the future or maybe even better but not yet.

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    • Although i agree sissoko runs forever i dont think it is right to compare alonso's scoring to someone like lampard or gerrard when alonso doesnt play the same role for the team as lampard (who might i add doesnt seem to do any defensive work) or gerrard who is on the same team as alonso. I think if you are going to compare his goal scoring record with anyones compare it to the other people in the top 10 most tackles that are midfielders or other players who play the supposed 'playmaker' role. Also the whole assist thing is once again out of context the three names you came up with were henry, drogba and rooney all strikers all involved with the final part of the play before shots so they are always going to get more assists than someone who is involved with the beginning of the build up. And goalscoring wise last time i checked sissoko wasnt the greatest at it either.

    • Alonso is far better he has the skill and the passing ability its even better than steven g passing ability . Stevie has the dertermination and abit of passing ability while sissoko is just pure determination. He is a good player but i think alonso is class.

    • One thing i like about Sissoko is he is constantly closing down any opponant that is on the ball. He reminds me alot of Edgar Davids when he was in his Prime at Juve, and no im not saying Momo has Davids skill on the ball but how he just keeps coming at players no matter who they are. Personally if i was a defender for Liverpool i would much prefer Momo floating around just in front of our defensive line worrying the opposition when they are on the ball than Alonso who seems more interesting in firing off no hoping long shots at goal.

    • I think you hit the head on the nail in saying Sisko will be one of the best, he is clearly a player for the future. True he is , right now, rough around the edges, but in my oppinon he could be the next Patrick Viera, he has alot of the same qualities.

    • liverpool play 60+ matches a year both have the quallity to be in the squad.even with cards and injurries we should always have 1 of them on the pitch.(i hope).there have been lots of class signings from all the teams the prem. is getting harder and ending up champions will be that much sweeter

    • Stats are all very interesting but they don't tell the whole story. I remember Gerard Houllier always going on about how we dominated games in which we were dire by quoting how many shots and corners we had even though te opposition goalkeeper was rarely troubled. Alonso played quite a deep 'quarterback' role in many games last season and therefore it is not suprsising that he did not supply the final pass for a goal that often. That is not to say he didn't play in important part in the build up. Also we weren't exactly prolific scorers last season in any case. However I am stil suprised you say that it was only 4 assists for alonso - I can remember 3 straight away without having to think about it and I don't normaly remember assists (2 against Sunderland, one against West Brom). I am sure there must have been more than just one more throughtout the rest of the season!

    • i agree with you this is the team!

    • As a lot of people have said, I think it depends on the tactics and the opposition. Momo is so young; in 3-4 years time, he is going to be an absolute monster in the Premiership. To be honest, I think he is going to be the driving force when he gets to mid-20s and Stevie G reaches the big 30. You only have to hear Rafa talk to know how highly he rates Sissoko. But Xabi is a top drawer player also, just in a different mould. As Chelsea have shown, it's not about your 1st XI, it's about your 2nd XI and the options. That's what Rafa has done: he's created a squad where we can play different teams from week to week and still do damage - and cope with the injuries.

      Oh and BTW, I hope Harry Kewell stays and comes back into the frame. He was our best player for long periods last season. Speedy is a good lad but I think H is the class act - if he's fit and up for it.

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      • i agree totally...

        i would love to have kewell back to the team.. hate to see him leave the reds... he's a great player for us if he's healthy... he just had tough luck over these few years with injuries and stuff... he was great for australia at the WC... and i bet we've all seen his potential when he was with leeds... if he can produce that same form with liverpool if he's given the chance this year.. it will benefit the team in a lot of ways.. .lets cross our fingers he will stay on the team and be healthy..

        as for momo and alonso debate.. i think rafa thinks highly of both players.. they just.. provides different qualities to the overall team... it is great we are having a debate like this.. it simply shows the quality we have on our first and second XI this year... i hope they both can accept their role in the team and won't complain about possible playing time..

    • I think so too....ahhh....the beauty of football debate.....either way, I think we'll do well this season with both Momo, Alonso, and Stevie G in rotation.....its good that we're even having this debate in the first place.

      BTW, does anyone know whats happening to Harry Kewell? he must be seriously concerned about his place in the team.....

    • you cant say who's better because they are different players you can clearly see when momo isnt playing we dont look as stong but alonso is as good as passer as anyone in europe but i would play momo and gerrard in the middle and pen's on the right with mark G on the left!

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