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    What's with West Ham?


    Since when did the mighty Hammers have massive pulling power. I am shocked to see today that they have managed to sign not one but two of Argentina's most impressive players from the World Cup. Carlos Tevez and Javier Macsherano. Lucky boys. It's nice to see that a so called lesser team can snatch players away from the likes of Arsenal and Man Utd (who were both after Tevez). I think the addition of these players will certainly make the Hammers a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to watching the new guys play for them.

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    • I will tell you why Tevez and Mascherano went to West Ham. Its because if they go to Liverpool, Arsenal, Man u, or Chelsea they have to put up with your shitty rotation system. At least the Hammers invest in young English talent aswel as foreign players. EFC

    • ...has just been sold to PSV
      Good luck -- hope he settles there!!

    • If -- and this a big IF -- Chelsea win the Champions league and the get these players, it will be a hollow victory -- it's one thing buying expensive players for your team but it's a whole different story when you prevent your rivals from getting stronger --

      If this happens I'm going to follow Rugby or some other second rate sport (sorry if i offend) as football will be dead in this country and the rest of Europe...

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      • I think you'll find that chelsea have already prevented liverpool from signing a few players,and could well have stopped other clubs..Was it not true that we showed an interest in Daimien Duff,only for him to be wisked away from under our noses,also there's Shaun Wright Phillips,a very good young player,who we were also interested in..And what happens......The rest is history..Ok Duff played a few games,but now he's gone(We've that many good left sided players we don't now need him),Wright phillips has been screwed all end's up,would have been an england regular,had it not been for chelsea not hardly playing him(Pennant has also now taken the place that SWP would have had)..
        Something has to be done,players are not going to chelsea because they are a great club with great history(l'pool,Man U,Arsenal,Spurs),there are not even in the top 5 clubs in england..It's all to do with the money thats being thrown at them(who can blame any player for earning a quick pound or several)and they know that more top class players will follow suit,meaning more trophies..

        I for 1 hope Abramovich does get bored with chelsea,and takes his cash with him.Then the rest of the Prem will hopefully take notice,and not follow suit..We can't have the EPL being dragged into the gutter like Serie A

        End of moan...

    • Marc, On the CFC board, there is some support for the theory that this was due to Abramovich to stop rival teams from getting them.


    • Something Fishy About Tevez And Mascherano To West Ham Deal

      And I’m not talking about the year’s supply of jellied eels they’ve got in front of them either. The deal to take Argentina stars Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano to West Ham United hasn’t officially been confirmed yet but football discussion forums are white hot with the news and the potential implications, not only for West Ham but for the premiership at large.

      What would attract two of the world’s most sought after, young, talented international stars to Upton Park and the waiting arms of Alan Pardew? At first glance there is no logical explanation. West Ham had a great season last year after their promotion and surprised a lot of people (me included) with their classy football and solid defence that not only gave them a respectable league finish but also took them to the FA Cup Final.

      I doubt that their Cup Final defeat in one of the liveliest and most enjoyable Cup Finals in many years will have been enough to tempt the two Argies though and despite having a foot in European competition with the UEFA Cup, I doubt that’s the real pulling factor either.

      My suspicions lead me to a somewhat shadier deal being cooked up between the players’ club Corinthians, their owners MSI and another club with shady links to MSI and their owners. It’s long been rumoured that Roman Abramovich is the money man behind MSI and the reason that a broke Brazilian club like Corinthians could afford players like Tevez and Mascherano in the first place. It leaves no doubt in my mind that Chelsea and Roman are behind this proposed season long loan deal for the two Argentinians to West Ham and it’s only for one purpose - to acclimatise the players to London and the Premiership and see whether they are worth signing for Chelsea properly next summer.

      There can be no other reason for this transfer to take place. Yes, West Ham are a good, homely club with some good players but for a club to sign Carlton Cole this summer and turn around and also get Carlos Tevez, it leaves me wondering what the motives are. I think I’ve worked out the obvious answer and it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the Premiership.

      We’ve seen Chelsea’s strange buys and loan deals in the past with players like Smertin and Jarosik but this moves things to another level completely. Chelsea don’t outright own these players or their club but their guiding hand can skew the transfer market that they can prevent any of their near rivals in the top five from having these players while they park them at a safe and respectable club, close but not too close, for a season to let them mature in the English game.

      Something stinks around here and the smell is increasingly eminating from Roman Abramovich’s direction.

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      • Unfortunately roorback2002 I think you are absolutely right about what is going on. The MSI takeover of Corinithians wqas extremely dodgy in the first place and almost sparked a riot at the equivalent of the Brazilian FA. The head of MSI seems well dodgy and made the majority of his money in Russia where he admits having worked closely with Roman Abromavich. There is however still no proven link between MSI and Abromavich. As you say I cannot think how a)West Ham can afford a player (Tevez) who cost Corinthians $20 million US in 2004 and b) why he would go there unless promised bigger and better things (no disrespect to West Ham they are a great -and I hope honest club)

        Check out this website for more background...

      • I must admit I thought, with respect to WHU, why the hell are they going to WHU! It has been no secret this summer that Man Ure and Arse-anal have been after them. If deals like you are suggesting are going on in the Premiership then it's going to become like Serie A, corrupt.We don't need it, and it's all down to one man,Abramovich. We all know this man is dodgy and eventually it will catch up with him, or he'll get bored with Chelski and move on. Then they will do a Leeds and end up skint and in the Coca Cola Championship! Look forward to it!!

      • i agree last year chelsea were well after tevez but this year they havent . they didnt want to risk buying another foreigner who cant cut it for the prem. they will buy both or at least tevez back by 2008