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  • Jinder Jinder Sep 1, 2006 02:54 Flag

    What's with West Ham?

    ...has just been sold to PSV
    Good luck -- hope he settles there!!

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    • I said in the Alonso and Momo thread that it was curtains for him, pretty obvious really though, good luck to him!

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      • A similar post was put up in both the Manu and Chelsea forum, And i have to agree if they where loan deals i would consider them very dodgy, i way to gain experiance before moving on to bigger and better things ie chelsea.

        But lets not forget these are permanent deals, so how ever West Ham have pulled this off the players are now contracted to West Ham Football Club. From what i have read this morning, Trevez will have a 35m buy out clause but its a hell of a lot of money so will not be sold on the cheap!

        So less of the is, it set up for Chelsea's, If chelsea want these players they are now going to have to buy them off West Ham now!

        On the front of it, how did west ham afford these players or even get them to sign to what is no offence west ham isnt one of the big players!

        MSI the group involved with the players last year looked at buying in to West Ham, so can only think it has something to do with this.

        But when ever the seems to some kind of deal that doesnt look right we instantly blame Chelsea. I am not a chelsea fan and think the money they have put in to game has made the EPL very lobsided and have bought players to stop other teams having them buy why would they let the players they want, join on permanent deals to another club only to buy them probably at more expensive fee than it would have cost to buy them now and then just loaned them to west ham for a year! Surly that would be more simple!!!