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  • mel n mel n Sep 1, 2006 15:15 Flag

    Ashley Cole........... Arse got screwed.

    Its not everyday that Chelsea manage to make a coup in the transfer market, but on Ashley Cole, I believe they did. Arsenal got paid 5 million pounds plus William Gallas. Jose Mourinho must be laughing his backside off.

    Taking into account that Aresenal wanted 25 million and Chelsea were offering 16 and Gallas was going to be a free agent come January, one does not have to be a genius to figure out that Chelsea got the beeter end of the deal. Gallas is a world class defender but that does not rule out the fact that any team would have gotten him for free in five months. I guess that is the reason Rafa did not press Blackburn for Lucas Neill when they rejected the Reds 2 million pound offer. As we all know soccer is a business and to lose 10 million pounds on a player you could have gotten for free if he really wanted to join you does not make good business sense. 10 million by the way is based on the Chelsea evaluation, its 20 million if you use Wenger's valuation of Cole.

    But then its not Liverpool who got screwed, so I do not really care..... however its funny to point it out all the same.

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    • I think this deal was a lot better for Arsenal than Chelsea. We all know it's a squad game these days, and in losing Gallas Chelsea have lost a great centre back and left them light in this area. In getting Cole they've re-inforced the left back position that they already had enough cover in. From Arsenals' point of view they've got rid of a want-away spoilt brat in an area where they have cover already and gained a quality centre back in one area where everybody knows they were struggling. As well as ditching Cygan in this transfer window for cash, I think it's Arsenal who will be laughing all the way.

      Yet another reason why I'm glad we have Benitez in charge, as we would have done exactly the same if Warnock had gone to Blackburn in the Lucas Neill deal. Sure we need cover for Finnan but not at the expense of another area of the team.

    • Cole only had a couple of years left on his contract, and if you believe what has been said since, Chelsea will pay £1m per year to Arsenal during Cole's contract with Chelsea, plus bonus payments if Chelsea win trophies while he's there.

      If you don't believe that, Chelsea did get a good deal.

      Peter Kenyon has picked up at Chelski where he left off at ManU - unsettling players.

    • are u jokin,chelsea paid £10 mill plus gallas cole isnt that good.deal of the millenium,tevez at westham,even though its only for 1 season,then he goes to chelsea on pr arranged 4 year deal.they paid 500,000 for him,when he was up for 25 mill last week.

    • Wasnt Cole getting close to his last year of his contract! i remember last year that he only signed a one year deal, so think he might have had only 18 months left on his?

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      • Cole had 2 years left on his current deal. Whilst it seems Arsenal got screwed I think they have probably made the best of a very bad situation. There was absolutely no way Cole could play for Arsenal again - particularly once his book comes out. Equally Gallas had a few bridges to build at Stamford bridge. As for the fee - it is pretty much in line with Chelsea's valuation of cole (they valued Gallas at around 10 million). Whilst that probably sounds excessive I think he was by far Chelsea's best defender (much better than the over hyped, error prone John Terry) and remeber Real payed 8 million +Nunes for Owen in the last year of his contract! Chelsea are going to have a pretty soft centre (with no pace) this year which hopefully can be exploited!