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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 3, 2006 19:54 Flag

    Houllier's Anelka Comments

    I'm stunned by Gerard Houlliers Anelka comments.

    So just what was Gerard Houllier playing at when he decided NOT to extend the contract of "one of the best natural talents he's ever seen"??!!

    If he was of that opinion, why did he let Anelka go and sign Cisse for £14 million from his best mates club??!!?? When we could've kept Anelka and saved £14 million at the same time!!!

    Smells a bit doesnt it?

    Especially when Houllier states "He seems to have blossomed more in England than any other country and I really don't think he'll be a problem."

    Houllier has virtually admitted to conning Liverpool Football Club out of £14 million

    ...I wonder what Houllier got out of the deal!!??

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