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  • matt matt Sep 5, 2006 20:51 Flag

    kopites are godsh%43tes

    lets face it, you all from down south or women. what a 'joke' of a team. football franchaise gone mad.
    cornwall reds rule. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    • 1 day to go and the gloves are off - how brave of you. But then swamplife like yourself are intellectually challenged

    • Yeah, reastem thats quite funny, but we didnt get our chance in europe 20 years ago cos of your murdering fans!

    • wellboy, he doesn't know if he's coming or going. Like I've said to alicias1965, he's obviously missing his medication.

      By the way, is your name Alan?

    • Its enough to make your heart go what?????Peoples club, should be the tiprats club, no class, no future and certainly no quality! Just has beens discarded by the more fortunate!

    • Sounds to me like a bitter and twisted blue nose gobsh*te is at work here..... Oh and by the way, I am from Liverpool. I do support Liverpool and I do have a very good job thanks all the same!!!! Shame that evertonians cant see that if they were even remotely successful they might attract some attention from further afield than a run down corner of our great city!

    • Have Cornwall got any good teams????? i think not
      Come back when you have a good team.....arse!

    • Ah me thinks it must be coming up to derby day: We always get hassle from the blue supports on the run up to these days: And after the match we always get the same old "I knew you'd beat us" routine.
      Look bluenose people, if it makes the beating any easier to swallow, then please throw as many insults as you wish but please remember we are the far more superior team in Liverpool and still the most successful team in the UK: You may have a longer history than the LFC but alas you certainly don't have the credentials, the cups, the glory, or the heart that us Kopites do: The more you moan the more we can gloat. You are a mid-table team and that's when you having a good season.

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      • I'd just like to say that your message was superb.

        I've had enough of the stupid turd with his asinine comments. I'm just typing responses to his bullshit when it's obvious to all, especially a clinical psychologist, that he is suffering from a form of Tourette's that has him spouting illogical rubbish at every opportunity.

        Don't get me wrong, Everton came through for me for tickets to the Derby this Saturday for my stag do and I'm grateful to them. However, I'm sitting amongst a load of Bluenose day-release patients which may spoil my day...

        We're obviously in the right. Anyone responding to his rubbish is in the right. Can we stop responding to him? He's obviously sad and missing his medication.

    • So I am an "Illiterate nurd", well learn to spell "Nerd" I appreciate it is four letters and someone may take you seriously!

      As for the stats all accurate and that’s more than you can say for most of your inane childish rants.

      As for yahoo I think your constant personal attacks on people are far more of a concern for them than anything I have said, grow up will you.

    • One stat that's for certain is that the blue nose gobshites only come on here before the derby match. You're the one providing us with entertainment - it's highly amusing to read your witless and unintellectual posts.

    • Elrik you illiterate nurd, whats ya point?

      Did it take you a whole day to look up some stats than trying to remember some off the top of ya head?

      You made a fool of yaself AGAIN, all over this RS thread, hahahah, numpty, another glory hunter that gets all those facts wrong.

      As for racist, behave, boy, far from it, its tits like you that obviously try to stir racial hatred, read, thats READ SLOWLY, my comment, it dosent show racism at all, becareful RS SCUM (That could be racist, fair enough), you can get arrested now for inciting racial hatred, naughty boy.

      Off you trot , google some more RS stats and type them here, i suggest you ask yahoo to erase ya own fuckup, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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