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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 12, 2006 21:32 Flag

    Bellamy rumour - a load of crap!

    I am from Woolton, living in Woolton. I think this is like the Robbie Fowler coke rumours, people want to believe bad things about other people. You are saying he is stupid enough - how do you know? Do you know him personally? I don't so I guess we will have to be gullible enough to believe the out of proportion bollocks that is written in the papers. Even if you think he is stupid, nobody can accuse Rafa of that. I tell you, he would not be in the team tonight if he turned up pissed, simple as that!

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    • Well said that man, sooo many people read to much into rumours, especially in football, and lets face it, the media will do anything to try and get a story, remember Risse selling his CL on ebay? Exactly, a load of bollocks, until its put on the Lfc website i pretty much dont take anything as iron clad!! And i wont with this story too!