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  • Imran Imran Oct 11, 2006 17:36 Flag

    Crouch House Raid

    You're right, but it was a real downer to the stag to have to come out of Anfield and be confronted by that. It gave plenty of ammunition to my mates (Man U & Chelski respectively) who said I should come over and support their teams instead! However they did say that a stag do without incident is one that won't be remembered and this incident, plus being stuck in a queue (that resulted after a 3 lorry and 7 car + pile up) on the M6 for over 6 hours, meant it was something we wouldn't forget in a hurry. I suppose the loss of a few CDs and being stuck with the £250 excess for damage was worth it, but only if I'm feeling charitable!

    As to musical taste, who's to say there aren't scallies who appreciate the finer nuances of Wishbone Ash? Be warned!