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    Your favourite liverpool game


    As everyone knows, Liverpool FC have a great history of winning trophies, but if you had to name your JUST ONE favourite moment of being a Liverpool fan, what ONE moment would it be?

    Also what are your reasons for naming that ONE particular game? It can be the strangest of reasons but as long as it is your own HONEST answer, that's all that matters.

    Please don't give me a long list as I'm sure that you will all have many great memories but I am only looking for your ONE Favorite moment of being a Liverpool fan.

    Thanks for your time.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • 4-1 chelsea at fortress anfield,whoops,sorry,wrong board.

    • european cup final 2005....liverpool comeback from a terrible first half to win in extra time on penaltys....i was in the usa on my own...with a crate of becks.....and cried like a baby

    • Garcia I see him as a sort of latter day David Fairclough.. not worth a long run in the team but can score memorable goals, everone in our squad has their use except Bozo Zenden

    • Yep, that b true, but then he said the guy was talking a load of bollocks.....how would he know, anyway he dosent need any help to look at a twat......
      I simply answered wellboys post on McAllistar and again the twat jumps in and starts slagging me off, so up his backside.

      To think me and a few others defended our country for pricks like this, self centred arseoles who think they know all about everything, well Its very unlikely i'll ever go to Derbyshire, but the little sprog has my address and directions now, so lets see how much of a man he claims to be, silly boy offering me out on the internet cos he had jack all other response to his little tantrums.

      He thinks he's the lord and master of this forum, ive got more RS fans than he probably has ever seen, ive no doubt been to Analfield more times, i Live in this City and all of my RS mates give as good as they get, we dont get violent or make idle thrreats, we back em up, like every true scouse out there..........

      all that aside, who the fuckk was he anyway to question whether the geezer had family or not??......ansa me that, yep, no-one, couldnt tackle it on his own so tried to be funny and sarcy about family...........Twat.

    • Hate to get involved --- but i'm going to....

      No probs with either of you two or the Chelsea bloke in question but Marc's right when he says he didn't bring up the Chelsea fella's family....
      The Chelsea bloke was winding up Marc and LFC fans --- Marc simply noted his age and said something like "hope you don't have kids" in regards to the maturity shown -- the Chelsea fella then proceeded to bring up his family... and whether he's trying to make Marc look like a t**t or it's true, there is still no need to bring up such personal details on a football forum site.

    • such a dive---- was it Keane??? .... from Redknapp's challenge?

    • Yes it is, its halfway down.......check the map there is an alleyway, im 2 doors from that........twat.

    • By the way is that the same Shrewbury Ave that is round the corner from Altway?

    • You are such an idiot!
      The main problem with you is that you get all of your information wrong and then harp on about it like anybody actually cares. I made no direct insult to that Chelsea fans family he is the one who brought it up not me. That matter has been resolved and it has absolutely nothing to do with a faggot like you. Are you trying to rally a bit of support for yourself because you have no friends. You accuse me of doing exactly what you yourself are guilty of. You act like a twat on here for ages slagging off Liverpool fans and now you are acting like you want to be serious and talk football with people. You are nothing but a two faced hypocrite and you know it. The only reason why you keep trying to have a pop at me is to cover up the insecurities that you have. You are obviously very sad and lonely. I almost pity you.
      I can't believe that you are that blind and ignorant that you have to try and use a man who has just died to score points. I go to the Crucible almost every year for the World Championship and I have met Paul Hunter on more than one ocassion along with most of the other top players. For me to give him a few words of respect after his passing is not to be sneered at. Have some respect you prick.
      Again you try and turn things round to benefit your sad little ways. I made the first invite and you are the one who is bottling it. But you already know that don't you!

    • Finally found some time to ansa another one of your foolish inane posts.......
      Dont shy away hard lad, why would u worry about your address or number, here's mine
      15 Shrewsbury Avenue, Old Roan

      Ive pissed and shit more little 'city type' rent boys like you than you've seen RS games ( ah, that not be many then).
      Yeah i took the piss on the Everton board so what, but my question on here was genuine, or are u a mind reader too.
      chelseathedad was the geezer whose family u brought in to question and when u got shown up for his kid being dead, you said it was a load of bollocks.........your the fuckin hypocrite , boy......yea it wont be found as you ask for proof, cos obviously it got deleted, thats why your asking and you know it.

      You then post a load of threads making out your some kind of Samaritan, to try and make yaself look good..........Paul Hunter, what the fuck do you know about him, i'll bet you didnt even know he was ill, and b4 u ask, yeah i did cos one of me best mates is Neil Foulds so stick that up your own puckered up ringer.

      Statement after statement with you and then you backtrack looking for moral support, the address is above, get in ya car and come see me if thats what you wish.

      Your anger is plain for all to see,you really need some therapy, or valium, what is it be honest, is it a sexual problem, girl trouble, lack of community belonging........ come and vent some anger if you wish, you made the offer, back it up now, boy.
      Im here all week...........get in the car and come and buy me that pint.

      That aside..............your still an arsehole.

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