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  • stuart d stuart d Oct 23, 2006 03:45 Flag

    Todays Game

    I have to say, that is probably the worst Livrpool performance at Old Trafford I have seen in the past 15 years, at least.

    As a United fan, this is the one game I look forward to more than any other. But today, your lot just rolled over. Not even Gerrard could spark the team into life, does h now consider staying a mistake?

    What happened to Bellamy? He was the player I thought may be the key for you today, but not even on the bench.

    There was no style, flair, or inventiveness. Just a lot of long hopefull balls into Kuyt (who was probably your worst player) and later the same for Crouch.

    Plus, whats happened to your support, quietest Liverpool support I've ever heard. Even when we battered you at OT a few years ago when Hypia was sent off early on, the fans were still singing throughout the match. Not today.

    I've come home delighted that we won, but some what dissapointed due to the points above.