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  • SIMON SIMON Oct 30, 2006 02:01 Flag


    We have got to get beckahm in the team, with stevie gerrard in the middle and beckham out on the right we will kill every team who gets in our way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Are you serious?

    • BECKHAM.......NO THANKS !


    • Only if we can swap him for Zenden

    • I agree with all who say we shouldn't buy becks as he is past it, he is a manc deep down etc etc However there are a few valid reasons to get him in that has made me consider it a little more than I probably should. One he has got a good cross that would work for crouch and kuyt, two when thinking of past players that have come in at the end of their footballing life and have done a great short term job for us (Gary Mac, David speedie to name a couple) he could do the same from the bench for us, three it would might make rafa play stevie on the right a little less and four he may come fairly cheap when considering how many Shirts and merchandise his name would sell generating a great deal of money at an important time in the clubs history with a new stadium and hopefully a push to a title in the next season or two. But that is my head talking my heart says let the girly manc reject stay on a bench in madrid.

    • Well at least your last sentence makes sense.

    • I think it all makes sense. I am just saying that I have considered reasons why the club MIGHT want Beckham. What good things he COULD bring to the club. At the end of the day I try to see the positive in all situations. I remember when souness paid money for Michael Thomas who I detested for what he had done to us and someone I never thought or wanted to come to Liverppol but he did and then he helped us win an FA Cup and played better than most in the souness era, I held alot more resentment to getting Micky Thomas in than I would if they were to get Beckham. Wouldn't be my first choice signing but if he wore the red of liverpool I'd cheer for him.

    • It is the most stupid comment that i have seen for a while.

      If Beckham was to come back to England, firstly his wages would be Huge, he is not going to accept being on 30 grand a week, casue that is Liverpool would offer a rotation player.

      Secondly he would have to join a team where he can dictate where he plays ie Central Midfield, as we have all seen playing for England even if he picked RM he still play central. So considering S Gerrard is struggling to play central midfield what chance to an ageing beckam have.

      Thirdly, can you see posh moving to liverpool!

      As i said it is possibly the stupidest comment in a while!!

      The only place i can see David Becham going is to America probably LA, Where he will get what he wants to be the main man. Earn another couple of billion from advertising to cover poshes spending on rodeo drive!

    • Aces ur being a bit too harsh here..why u regard malone's comments as stupid is beyond me..he is entitled to his own opinion and there is nothing wrong with that.Hes stated some good facts about the advantages of getting beckham...but like the rest mentioned malone ...becks is out of his league and he is a manc and why bring shame to the club when the bastard rejects liverpool..ever thought of that..we dont need him...lets get behind the players we already have and hope they improve eh ?

    • yes it may be his opinion, but in the same way it has to have some common sense to it!

      It is my opionion that ronodihlo ( sorry spelling) should join liverpool, yeah it would be nice but it aint never going to happen so why bother posting it! catch my dift.

      so it would be a stupid comment to make for debate!

      About our current players, have a read of my post about our away from and see what you think about why our current players are perfoming not at there best

    • Hang on a minute I am just responding to a thread set up by SOMEONE ELSE with the subject line GET BECKHAM ON BOARD and I am just stateing my opinion about that subject which I am entitled to do. I think the reasons I thought why a club like liverpool might be interested in Beckham is kind of valid to the subject, I agree with your point about wages and I may have overlooked that fact but to call my opinions the most stupid thing you've read is a little unnecessary don't you think. You can disagree with my comments without being abusive or are you too STUPID?

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