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    Whose the Best Player on Merseyside ?

    Cahill, by far..

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    • drogba,when chelsea are playing liverpool. ;0)

    • Dont be silly sprog, you were born for everyone elses entertainment.....

      I shall play with you some more, ive not grown bored,,,,,yet.

    • Seaniceman, I am not "joining the rest" as you state, I am simply stating fact. And when has Everton won any silverware? The 80s? When was the last time Everton won the league? Can anybody remember? Liverpool went through a bad patch by our standards in the 90s, although the worst we finished was 7th, which is still top of the table, when Everton more times than not had to rely on the last game of the season to ensure survival. Liverpool under Rafa however, have turned the corner, last season, we were simply brilliant, going 11 games during the Christmas period without conceding a goal, and then at the back end of the season going another 10 or so games on the trot. Any other season, 83 points would have been enough to win the title. That is not fantasy, but again fact. Fact, Everton are older than Liverpool, as far as the club is concerned. Fact, Everton have stayed in the top flight longer than Liverpool. Fact, Liverpool were the most dominant club in the 70s. Fact, Liverpool were the most dominant club in the 80s. Fact, Liverpool are the most successful club in British football history. And now, Rafa is putting together a team for the future, and you can bet that the Champion's League trophy in his first season and the FA Cup in his second season won't be the last silverware in his tenure. He turned Valencia from a so-so team into a heavyweight in Spain and is doing the same with Liverpool. Liverpool had a so-so run in the 90s and is now turning into a true superpower again, not just in England, but in Europe too. This is an exciting time to be a Liverpool fan.

    • I agree with you about Carra never performing well for England in fact Crouchie is about the only Pool player who has performed well for england and that against poor opposition.
      Even Emlyn,Kevin,& Stevie have rarely produced the goods for england , I just put it down to the fact that they find it uncomfortable alongside players of lesser calibre than their usual teammates.

    • Imran,
      We have to wait to wait 3 months to get bragging rights back. @ Goodison. that will be payback time!


    • Arguing with the deluded - God this is boring.

      Yes you played well and you got three points. Do you want a likkle badge that says "We got three points off the RS"?

    • Sorry, did errrrrrr the mind go blank, or what, El Twit.

      Ive posted an honest thread, i never invited you to ansa it, you've been on the Everon site slagging of Duncan Ferguson so who was not wanted, fool.

      Keep this up and ill bet you get Twit of the month award, maybe we can present it to you at Anfield................though its a long way from Norway.
      Why dont you trot off and google some more stats and think of yet another foolish post, this is a genuine post, numpties not allowed..............oh and take your suspicious mate with ya.

    • At least their strategy is working, the blind leading the blind, what a comedy, whats even funnier is your one of the sad bunch that dosent see it...3-0 bud, 3-0 ho ho ho

    • Reastem, your such a tool.
      The thread is about the best player on merseyside, you brought in the England squad, fool.

      Did you google all that shite as well, your defo prime candidate this week for twit of the RS thread, you've got my vote............hahaha

    • Alex Curran.

      been playing one of the worlds best midfielders for a complete fool for ages now.

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