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  • Imran Imran Oct 31, 2006 19:17 Flag

    Whose the Best Player on Merseyside ?

    If the point of this thread is create some debate and start with a contentious choice then I'm all for that. My answer is Gerrard - no question. You want reasons why? Errmm.... Champions League (especially the Olympiakos game), FA Cup final, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc... If, after we were beaten at Goodison 0-3, all Cahill can state is that "the victory was our Champions League" then that is all you need to know about the level of his ambition.

    Having said that, Cahill's performances in the World Cup for Oz were superb. I think Johnson plays well off him and if Johnson had Rooney behind him playing for England we could see replicate his form at national level, purely because of what Cahill is doing.

    However, if the object of this thread is to wind us up then I'll quite happily state that Cahill isn't fit to lace up a corset, never mind the boots of our youth squad. So twat off back to your own board.

    Really hope you're not coming up with the usual Bluenose shite.

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    • Ok lets start the debate, if we were looking at performances in the champions league and performances for Liverpool I would agree and say Gerrard.

      However, if the object of your reply is to wind people up, I would say hes fucking shit for England and if he was that good he would get into your central midfield ahead of brain dead Sissoko and Xabi.

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      • The day a Bluenose gets into the England team on a REGULAR basis - and I don't mean ManUre rejects like Neville - then your opinion won't be laughed at like the rest of the crap that comes out of Goodison. Until then just know that we're humouring you.

      • you wish you were a red you bluenose gobshite..forever in our shadow...and its funny how YOU were due to sign momo eh...thats how shit everton think he is...you twat

      • And this thread seemed to be going so well.
        Risky, maybe your whole world is filled with suspicion, maybe you dont trust anything in you little life, but get over it mate, this is just a football thread , if you read anything else into it, thats up to you.......Jesus.

        Whats actually funny and maybe its something you should look at, but how can you have 2 prepared answers depending on what level your suspicious mind is at, now thats weird, yur obviously influenced, quite heavily by what people may or may not say to you........get some help kid.

        As for the other answers...............at least you have a solid opinion.