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  • When is he gonna start getting the praise he deserves?

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    • When he starts earning it!!! I too was on the band wagon early, falling for all the hype that he was going to be the next Viera, and true he does cover alot of ground and works incredibly hard at winning tackles. The problem lies in what he does after he gets the ball, just a guestimate, but I'd say 7 out of 10 times after he gets the ball, he ends up turning it right back over (either with an errant pass or poor decision to dribble). I think he will be an excellent player in the future, he just needs a few more years experience at loan in a lower league or other team.

      Another problem solved with sisko not playing we can get Gerrard back in the center of the park where he belongs.

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      • I think you are mad by suggesting leaving Momo out. He is one of the best defending mid-fields in the EPL. If he is fit, he is an automatic selection by Rafa no matter how much tinkering he makes. If we are to use pace and width to break down opponents, his inclusion in the team is an abolute must, even if it means playing Gerrard on the right. We need someone to stop opponent's counter attack when the rest of our attacking midfields moved forward.

        Momo is still young and he can mature into one of the greatest players such as Viera and Roy Keane. I don't think Viera nor Keane were his calibre when they were 21! I agree his passing is a bit off, but you must look at him in the context of what pressure he was under when giving away a passes, usually it was when he just broke down opponent's play and he needed to clear the ball.

    • When he learns to pass the ball accurately
      his whole game is as a destroyer
      Hyppia, Carragher, Agger, Riise, Finnan
      can all pass the ball with greater accuracy
      not to mention Alonso and Gerrard
      we can do better without him

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    • Now, he has been by far the best of recent signings, look how we missed him when he was out for crucial games last year.
      I recently sat in the main stand instead of the Kop and it is much more apparent side on just how much ground he covers.

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      • He does hunt the ball down like no-one I've ever watched before, he is relentless. I'm not surprised he gets booked so much, he is not a dirty player but just goes in for the ball so often he sometimes catches people, or overstretches. I think he does win a lot of plaudits for what he does, as the media often comment that we are not as good a side without him, but goals and creativity tend to write headlines, not tackles and effectiveness. His distribution is also not as good as it will be in a couple of years as he matures, but I do love his temperament. I've never seen him moan at the ref for getting booked, or complain when he gets fouled (and he often does). Whatever he is now, he will be considered the next progression on from a Makelele one day as he is more of an athlete. I was at the Blackburn game with Alonso and Gerrard in the middle which basically didn;'t work.

      • he used to play as a forward!.....when he adds a few goals he will be taken notice of! But who cares we know his worth!