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  • David David Nov 16, 2006 00:06 Flag

    Benitez is KILLING us!

    Not sure how your ranting about Benitez is helping anyone. Yes I know that our away form is pretty dismal but as someone pointed out above, we are only a few points from the 4th CL spot. I still believe that Benitez is the right manager for the club and if there is a time that we ALL need to rally around the club it is here and now. I am afraid that with fans like you supporting the club, who needs enemies? Perhaps the EPL is out of our reach again, but success for the club must surely be in retaining our CL position and building from there to mount a serious EPL challenge in the near future. I find it as galling as everyone else does that Chelsea seem to have bought themselves success - but that is the way of the modern game and no manner of moaning about it is going to change things. Benitez doesn't have the luxury of buying in proven talents like Chelsea and Man U have managed in the recent past. Benitez has done ok in the transfer market, and has managed to bring in some quality players like Alonso, Sissoko and Kuyt. Others such as Bellamy, Gonzalez and Palletta need a bit more time and patience to grow into the team. It is about time some LFC fans realise that footballing dynasty's of the likes of Shankly's era need time. It is about time these so-called fans begin to support the team like true fans - the ones that support the boss and players to the max! YNWA - remember!