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  • Neil Moran Neil Moran Dec 22, 2006 17:39 Flag

    Benitez is KILLING us!

    Souness, Evans, Houllier.

    None of them were Liverpool manager material. You'd have to think back further than them to a time when we had a good manager at the club.

    Until now. Makes me sick the fickleness of some of our fans at times. Ferguson came close to the sack before he turned Man Utd into a team that dominated English football for the best part of the 90's. He was given the time.

    I have every confidence in Benitez.

    I blame Chelski for this changing attitude in football towards managers. They bought their success literally overnight. Liverpool? We at this point in time cannot compete at that level in the transfer market so in some respects have to 'make do' with what we can get further down the scale. But even then Benitez has made some quality purchases and it's all now starting to gel.

    I won't deny I had high hopes for us this season and thought 'yeah this could be the year' but a bad start has hindered any chance of that. Combinations of the World Cup, a lot of new faces and the subsequent need for them to bed in at Liverpool could be reasons to suggest why we've not done as well as many expected.

    NOT because our manager is a joke.

    How, after the debarcle that was Gerrard Houllier, who bought utter rubbish and came closer to destroying us than Souness did, you can even put Benitez in a 'bad manager' bracket is beyond me.

    We aren't Chelski. We don't have Chelski finances (yet). We can't buy the title.

    Give the man credit where credit is clearly due, show him some respect, and get behind him.

    His CV before he joined us hardly suggests bad manager.

    Fickle fans, go home. Anfield is a better place without you.

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    • I concur with most of what you have said apart from your remarks about Houllier. I accept he made alot of dodgy signings and could only take us so far. However, he deserves an affectionate place in Anfield history for the trophies he delivered. In the league, Europe and in the domestic cups we kicked on under GH.

      I think the task was too big for Uncle Roy.

      Souness wasn't Liverpool material - principally for his despicable behaviour off the field.

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      • The only reason liverpool havent won the title for so long comes down to one thing and one thing only...MONEY.... United , arsenal , chelsea, and leeds to a lesser extent won the premership because they bought there success,tradition can only get you so far,,as they say MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS... bring on the Dubai money....