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  • Enough! Enough! Nov 13, 2006 02:44 Flag

    Benitez is KILLING us!

    The nightmare continues. I really believe the fault is ALL Benitez! This d*ckhead is dragging our beloved club down. He is arrogant and will not admit his faults until it is too late! Gerrard NEEDS to play in his most comfortable position, but the d*ckhead wants to prove who is boss, so will not change it! People say look what Benitez has done for Liverpool. Champions League and FA Cup. I don't think we done them because of Benitez, I think we won the DESPITE Benitez! Both those amazing finals were down to the bravery and guts of Steven Gerrard. I hate to say it, but I think we're going to lose Gerrard in the next transfer window. Why? Because of D*ckhead! Please get rid of Benitez before he really sinks us. We really are no longer one of the top four, we'll be lucky to finish top ten if this idiot is allowed to carry on destroying our team. GET HIM OUT!

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    • sorry guys but when you look at our home form in the prem how can you say he is killing us? 3rd place....although I dont think we will win the title I think we mak just get 2nd....since when do you sack a manager for getting 2nd in the prem??????

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      • the only reason we are good in europe is because teams in europe are shite. when a forign team comes to england they just roll over and die and thats what i expect barca to do as well as i watch barca games and the commentators build up hype
        for this game barca make a half decent move that watford can do better and they say that liverpool have to be careful and how i feel like they haven't agnolaged the fact that we beat then in the first leg and if we play the same way as we played against man ure of corse score a few goals we should win this easily

      • i think Benitez has done really well with what he had.
        he won the champ league with a mediocre squad.
        last season we won the FA cup beating chelsea and man u!
        this season hasnt been great for us, but were lookin alot better and stronger now.
        i think we just need a new striker (like owen/fowler(in his day) and with the transfer budget i cant see that being a problem.
        rafa knows the european market very well and and has made some good purchases in alonso, sissoko, kuyt, arebola, agger, and some mediocre ones to, but others may still come good.

        keep the faith


      • My thoughts exatly. We still have a way to go this season but with things coming apart at the seems at chelski, who would rule out second place. As long as we keep up our current form!!!!!!!!

    • What about his latest master stroke on Sunday. Carra is on a yellow, lucky not to be sent off and the master subs one of the centre backs to bring on Aggerdo. Which centre back? Hyppia of course.
      Everyone defending rafa talks of the euro win but most of that was down to the guts of the lads themselves and the leftover houllier spirit - not that i liked him either, almost as bad as raf. Certainly the FA win was ALL stevie - rafa had no idea how to stop WH. As for rafas forays into the transfer market - who in their right mind buys a player middlesboro don't want, a right winger who can't put in a decent cross 9/10 times, a left winger who can't play, a centre back who doesn't know where to be defending corners, and a striker who can't strike... Then on Sunday he plays ALL of them - allbeit two came on as subs.
      Get rafa out, bring back Phil T to run things like he did when Houllier was ill and get some local talent into the squad. Liverpool for liverpudlians! Euros need not apply.

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      • I bet you bunch of pr*cks are all eating your words now !
        3rd in the league !!
        As for a striker who cant score, which one is that ??
        Are you sure you are watching the same team ?
        Pennant has won Man of the Match several times already this season, and will probably win a few more.
        Granted, gonzalez hasnt hit form yet, but he will.
        Theres one thing I hate more than the mancs - and thats F*CKING Air-heads like you lot, pretending to be fans, who havent got a f*cking clue what you are talking about.
        RAFA is up there with the best managers we've had - but I suppose you would rather have Souness.
        Get a life, and learn how to be a true supporter - that means you have to SUPPORT your team, including the manager.

        LONG LIVE RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        WE WON IT 5 TIMES, WE WON IT 5 TIMES....IN ISTANBUL, WE WON IT 5 TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • "As for rafas forays into the transfer market - who in their right mind buys a player middlesboro don't want, a right winger who can't put in a decent cross 9/10 times, a left winger who can't play, a centre back who doesn't know where to be defending corners, and a striker who can't strike... "

        I think you'll find that Zenden was out of contract and a free transfer who was voted Boros player of the season(Still don't think he's good enough for us but your statment is totally wrong)
        The centre back who doesen't know where to be defending corners was who????
        I think you'll find Carra and Hyypiä where the two CB's on the field for the 3-0 goal and none of those where signed by Benny.
        The left winger who can't play i suppose is Speedy, a bit early to judge him seeing as he's young and just moved to the PL this season. HE needs time to adapt.

      • Don't you think we'd have more local talent in the team if they were up to the grade?

        I wanted though, to analyse your comments on the transfers..

        "Who in their right mind buys a player middlesboro don't want" - I don't particularly like Zenden but 'boro certainly wanted him to stay. If you recall, he was on a one year contract and left 'boro because he wanted champions league football.

        "A right winger who can't put in a decent cross 9/10 times" - Pennant, when he was last in the Premiership had a higher pecentage of cross success to Beckham at Real at the time.

        "A left winger who can't play" - Speedy can play, he's proved it in flashes and needs time to settle.

        "A centre back who doesn't know where to be defending corners" - The only person who I can think you're referring to is Paletta? If so, for christs sake, he's just come here from the Argentian league and isn't billed as a first team player.

        "And a striker who can't strike..." - I assume you mean Bellamy? Look at past records, the boy's got talent, he's just woefully short of confidence.

        I wouldn't say he's made some serious errors in the transfer market.. not at all, this is the same guy who brought in Alonso, Sissoko, Agger and Garcia.

        I don't like the way the team is playing at the moment, the confidence away from home has evaporated as has the passion but you can't point the finger of blame squarely at the manager.

    • I think it is you that are the Dickhead. These so-called players are sent out to do a job, they are meant to be the cream of europe and very well payed, and dont do it. They should take the flack and not Benitez. You obviously wernt there in the bad days of souness.

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      • Scouselife are fans not allowed to have an opinion??? Just because someone doesnt agree with the style of play or crap results it doesnt mean that they are a glory hunter. Valencia under Benitez were called the crushing machine, they may have been succesful but they were very boring, the most that fans ask for is entertainment and the chance to watch flowing football, unfortunately since the bootroom was flushed down the toilet by the hierarchy we havent seen this. Name an player from the academy who you think will get a good run in the team??
        Anderson looks a very good prospect but Rafa will get another elcheapo foreigner and he will be farmed out to somewhere like Rochdale along with the other prospects. Ive said this for a while but the club have to have a serious look at themselvs,players,managers and even the directors who are running the club into the ground, have you ever noticed the transfer budget is always getting smaller and smaller?!!

      • Well said tbone

    • Gerrard scored 23goals or something playing on the right last season,so why change?Because Steve says so?please,Benitez is a great and proven manager.Some people like yourself are just ungreatful.You should blame the players not the manager.

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      • I find it frustrating that basic errors made in one game do not seem to be amended by the next game. I trust that Rafa will get us where we deserve to be as PL champs but I think he needs to address some of the basic stuff now to stop the current rot and start the glory. Some poor defending, changing too many players too often (i am all for squad rotation but not squad replacement)and giving the ball away too often (Luis Garcia is fantastic but someone needs to tell him to hold some of the fancy stuff keep the ball ) are my main frustrations when watching my beloved reds. I thing Stevie G could play anywhere but its his body language this season that is worrying me.

    • rafa and any manager will make mistakes if the liverpool team before rafa played the team now who would win? we are a better side now and will continue to improve under a steady guidence

      one point however this season rafa is without his mate i think is pako astrian whos left? after a bit of sucess under gerrard houllier he lost his mate (cant remember name sorry) and we had a drop in form so a change to backroom staff and we have problems but are they that bad? 3rd in prem - last 16 of champ lge - that sounds ok to me

    • Souness, Evans, Houllier.

      None of them were Liverpool manager material. You'd have to think back further than them to a time when we had a good manager at the club.

      Until now. Makes me sick the fickleness of some of our fans at times. Ferguson came close to the sack before he turned Man Utd into a team that dominated English football for the best part of the 90's. He was given the time.

      I have every confidence in Benitez.

      I blame Chelski for this changing attitude in football towards managers. They bought their success literally overnight. Liverpool? We at this point in time cannot compete at that level in the transfer market so in some respects have to 'make do' with what we can get further down the scale. But even then Benitez has made some quality purchases and it's all now starting to gel.

      I won't deny I had high hopes for us this season and thought 'yeah this could be the year' but a bad start has hindered any chance of that. Combinations of the World Cup, a lot of new faces and the subsequent need for them to bed in at Liverpool could be reasons to suggest why we've not done as well as many expected.

      NOT because our manager is a joke.

      How, after the debarcle that was Gerrard Houllier, who bought utter rubbish and came closer to destroying us than Souness did, you can even put Benitez in a 'bad manager' bracket is beyond me.

      We aren't Chelski. We don't have Chelski finances (yet). We can't buy the title.

      Give the man credit where credit is clearly due, show him some respect, and get behind him.

      His CV before he joined us hardly suggests bad manager.

      Fickle fans, go home. Anfield is a better place without you.

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      • I concur with most of what you have said apart from your remarks about Houllier. I accept he made alot of dodgy signings and could only take us so far. However, he deserves an affectionate place in Anfield history for the trophies he delivered. In the league, Europe and in the domestic cups we kicked on under GH.

        I think the task was too big for Uncle Roy.

        Souness wasn't Liverpool material - principally for his despicable behaviour off the field.

    • Hi there
      Still have the same feelings of senior Benitez??? Ok we're out of the FA cup (to a very good team in Arsenal, many others woiuld of fell) and he did f**k up in the Carling cup, but remember how we mocked at the manc scum when that was all they won last year, do we really want a trophy that bad its the mickey mouse cup??? We ARE without doubt a top 4 team, and give it a year or 2, we will again be CHAMPIONS & TITLE 19 coming to its true home, with a certain "dickhead" in charge. Im sure that'll all be down to everyone else but eh????????

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      • mdr74-I think u dont you know what you are talking about. Look at your first post way back then. It was full of hate and doubt,and now you've found belief again.IE we are a top team.Of course we are shame on you for ever thinking otherwise.I have always had belief in Benetiz,jst look at his cv,wat he managed to do with velinca was outstanding. He took on the two richest teams in the la ligea with more financial restrictions than either,and still lifted the title. We have the same problem in the premership with chelski and the scum, but look at are current position and the form of those above us and ask yourself is are manager taking us in the right direction.I think you'll find the answer is yes.You might like to think it is all down to the players,after all a lot of it is. But who bought the players and who picks the team and tactics.Ok he played gerrard out position,but because he knew gerrard is the sort of player who can play anywhere.I bet you wernt complaining when he played him at right back in Istanbul.You probably hate the fact that he uses a rotational policy to,as many do. But now is the time to watch that policy pay off. Crouch Sissoko Alonso Garcia Kuyt Bellemy Agger, are these bad players, i dont think so as each one brings a different quality to Liverpool FC wich gives the team an exciting deminsion.And with this prospect of forgin investment i think the sky's the limit with Benetiz in charge.Remember Rome was not built in a day. YNWA

    • gerrard will stay and sink with the ship.

      Championship here we come

    • calm down calm down, up to third and still playin crap, sissoko is the key to our future, keep him fit and he will develop into a midfield tiger, i agree stevie is more effective from a central position but xabi, momo and stevie are a more potent unit with stevie wide, maybe a diamond with two central players, one forward(stevie) and one deep(momo) would work but momo is still a bit rash for that yet, finally if stevie is praised for a good performance then he is to blame for a bad one, happy to be "children of the rafalution"

    • well sorry to here that,did you say you was a liverpool supporter?i love gerrard,what about hamman coming on in the champions final?also that double save from dudek?oh and of course the pen saves???not just one player,show a bit more respect,and stop being a dickhead yourself armchair supporter..................

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      • I just don't get it why some so called fans attacked Rafa on his players selection. Lets get a few facts right:

        1) Unlike Mourinho, Rafa was given very little budget to buy players. The players that he brings in is to do a specific job, and he said it before, you don't need a star player in every position, you just need someone to do the job. For the price less than that of Shevchenco, he brought in Kuyt (10M), Bellamy (6m), Crouch (7m), Pennant (6.5m) - now please tell me, will you swap these 4 players with a combined cost of 29.5m for a 30m Shevchenco?

        2) Can a manager allow to make mistake? Come on guys, I don't know who you think is the best manager but even he will make mistakes. One of the greatest managers that I have met, Bob Paisley, also made mistakes. SAF won bugger all in his first 2 years with ManU and he is considered to be one of the best managers in his generation. Rafa may not be the best manager ever, but he will not kick a boot into Beckham's face, have a public row with one of his most loyal servants Keane and forced him to go!

        3) Rafa is protecting our players by rotating play. He does this for the benefit of the players and the club, yet he is getting sticks from the so-called fans. It is likely we will be involved in over 60 games this season, do you think it is sensible to play Gerrard every game, after he played 65 games for us last season and another 12 matches for the country? It is what you call protecting your player? Mourinho plays the same players every game because he only sees them as machines, he over-paid them and he will squeeze every ounce of juice from them. If one of them got injured, no worries, he has got an army of mercenaries waiting on the sideline. But Rafa truely take care of the players, what is the use of a injured Gerrard to the team? This X'mas we have to play 4 games in 10 days, whether you like it or not, we have to rotate, but should we be glad that the players are already used to the system of rotation during this crucial period, while other teams like ManU and Arsenal will have to experiment on different formation?

        4) You cannot expect Rafa to be a Scouser. Come on, he was brought it to do a professional job and he is doing just that. Whether it should be a prerequisite for a manager to be a die-hard Liverpool fan is not what the job asked for. I don't think Wenger was a gunner before he became manager of Arsenal. Mourinho was definitely not a fan of Chelsea until he was lured by Roman's billion. There was a comment earlier that Rafa has no passion for the club because he showed very little emotion on the bench. Well, I don't know which match the author saw when Rafa did not show any passion. But if showing emotion means you have to be like AW pushing fellow counterpart when losing a game, or Mourinho pulling out a dummy yellow card to make a point, then I prefer our manager quietly taking down notes on areas to improve.

        Liverpool is lucky to have Rafa as manager. Considering his reputation before joining Liverpool, considering the limited resources he knew he was given, considering the success he had in the first two years with us, if adding all these up doesn't make him a true passionate Liverpool manager, I cannot think of one reason why he still stayed with us. In Rafa I trust even if we finish 10th and won nothing this season, because I know under him Liverpool is in good hands. And I think our potential new owner DIC knows that as well.

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