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  • Enough! Enough! Nov 13, 2006 02:44 Flag

    Benitez is KILLING us!

    The nightmare continues. I really believe the fault is ALL Benitez! This d*ckhead is dragging our beloved club down. He is arrogant and will not admit his faults until it is too late! Gerrard NEEDS to play in his most comfortable position, but the d*ckhead wants to prove who is boss, so will not change it! People say look what Benitez has done for Liverpool. Champions League and FA Cup. I don't think we done them because of Benitez, I think we won the DESPITE Benitez! Both those amazing finals were down to the bravery and guts of Steven Gerrard. I hate to say it, but I think we're going to lose Gerrard in the next transfer window. Why? Because of D*ckhead! Please get rid of Benitez before he really sinks us. We really are no longer one of the top four, we'll be lucky to finish top ten if this idiot is allowed to carry on destroying our team. GET HIM OUT!

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    • 6 months on !!!!!!

      What do you think now ???

    • Are you arrogant ,are you just plain stupid ;i must say you're not a liverpool fan you're ignorant and you're the name you refer to our beloved manager as.Go get alife and watch your own club business

    • U do not seem to be watching the same football as me then because the team worked exellent together tonight as they always do in my eyes

    • Rafa, rafael
      rafa, rafael
      rafa, rafael
      rafael benitez !!!!

    • who are you to critisize one of the greatest tactical footballing brains of our time, i think you need to lift you head out of your cornflake bowl and wake up dum ass. he is the one without spending huge amounts who is taking the club to the next level. grow up and learn more about football..... call yourself a fan well i think not. you are a disgrace

    • you fucking small minded twat!! call youself a fan? you are in fact, a disgrace who obviously knows nothing about footall! " our beloved club" you say. i think you'll find that its OUR beloved club, a club for TRUE fans and not arseholes like you!! you should be banned from anfield for life ( thats if you ever had any intention of going!!) and forced to watch the blue bag-of-shit-club over the park, where you would soon have EVIDENCE of what a crap manager can do to a 'football' team. fuck right off!!!!

    • To be honest i really don't agree... i feel that he has transformed the club into a real winning team... he has brought us such players as Garcia and Alonso who can totally turn a game around. Alonso has a super pass on him and can often spring a surprise goal and garcia is just pure class infront of goal yet he is injured at the minute so i am eagerly waiting his return... now there is some terrible transfers hes made like bellamy and Cisse...They both lack composure infront of goal and really do have trouble hitting the net. Cisses on loan but we've still got bellamy who doesn't seem to be delivering. Well we can atleast thank benitez for bringing in some quality players and i am certainly keeping my eye on aurelio as he can spot out long passes in a flash... Benitez is not to blame for our lack of silverware as it is not him playing football its the 11 men that go out on the pitch and im sure that they try their best so the blame is on everyone representing liverpool... im only 13 and i can reply without swearing and cursing and still deliver a pretty good argument. i've been a liverpool fan all my life and i believe that even though benitez lacks passion gerrard and carragher make up for it... when times get rough benitez will drag us out of it with some good desicions

    • Am i reading this right..??
      Lets look back slowly..when Rafa took over he stated a five year plan before the silverwear started flowing...ok we had some major success before he planned it....Ok he made a few bum buys but do not all managers..look at chelsea 30million for a striker...bah..!!.
      If you look in depth at the squad and the ages of the players all you will see if strengh, maybe not as good as the Arsenal b team at the moment but strengh never the less.
      Strengh in depth in defensive.
      Midfield option galore now.
      Ok time for the golf swinging welsh man to bugger off...and unfortunatly Fowlers career is done...So 2 new strikers to work with Dirk ( best player this season for liverpool
      ) and crouchy.
      So has Rafa got it wrong..let me think hmmmmmmm Nope.
      Lets look forward to the next season and now with money in the bank and Rafa's scouting policy working wonders all look rosey for the red side of merseyside

    • You're a fucking dick. You think you can do a better job than Benitez? Wake up at 4am every weekday morning, and train with 30-40 lads? No, thought not. Wanker.

    • anything involving stupidity apllies anything involving stupidity apllies Apr 9, 2007 22:41 Flag

      i am so glad this joke of a person is not allowed near any important decision concerning liverpool.this is not a fan it is indeed a dickhead as he rahter awfully calls our nice spanish boss..people seem to forget he had no stevie g at his old club where am sure if you look he won titles withou tth heelp of stevie g..grow up loser and support your team

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