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  • Enough! Enough! Nov 13, 2006 02:44 Flag

    Benitez is KILLING us!

    The nightmare continues. I really believe the fault is ALL Benitez! This d*ckhead is dragging our beloved club down. He is arrogant and will not admit his faults until it is too late! Gerrard NEEDS to play in his most comfortable position, but the d*ckhead wants to prove who is boss, so will not change it! People say look what Benitez has done for Liverpool. Champions League and FA Cup. I don't think we done them because of Benitez, I think we won the DESPITE Benitez! Both those amazing finals were down to the bravery and guts of Steven Gerrard. I hate to say it, but I think we're going to lose Gerrard in the next transfer window. Why? Because of D*ckhead! Please get rid of Benitez before he really sinks us. We really are no longer one of the top four, we'll be lucky to finish top ten if this idiot is allowed to carry on destroying our team. GET HIM OUT!

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    • gerrard will stay and sink with the ship.

      Championship here we come

    • What a wanker you are.

    • My patients is wearing thin too. He bought Pennant in the summer to play the right side of midfield but the lad hasn't got a game really. We have the best central midfield player in the world who is told to play in an unaffective position and then he plays (not a true red standard player) Zendon in central midfield.
      He also said "Fowler will always get you a goal" Why doesn't he play him then?
      Rumours are that the squad are scared shitless by him and I bet 4 or 5 of our players are off in the transfer windows.
      My question is, who can we replace him with?

    • What about his latest master stroke on Sunday. Carra is on a yellow, lucky not to be sent off and the master subs one of the centre backs to bring on Aggerdo. Which centre back? Hyppia of course.
      Everyone defending rafa talks of the euro win but most of that was down to the guts of the lads themselves and the leftover houllier spirit - not that i liked him either, almost as bad as raf. Certainly the FA win was ALL stevie - rafa had no idea how to stop WH. As for rafas forays into the transfer market - who in their right mind buys a player middlesboro don't want, a right winger who can't put in a decent cross 9/10 times, a left winger who can't play, a centre back who doesn't know where to be defending corners, and a striker who can't strike... Then on Sunday he plays ALL of them - allbeit two came on as subs.
      Get rafa out, bring back Phil T to run things like he did when Houllier was ill and get some local talent into the squad. Liverpool for liverpudlians! Euros need not apply.

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      • I bet you bunch of pr*cks are all eating your words now !
        3rd in the league !!
        As for a striker who cant score, which one is that ??
        Are you sure you are watching the same team ?
        Pennant has won Man of the Match several times already this season, and will probably win a few more.
        Granted, gonzalez hasnt hit form yet, but he will.
        Theres one thing I hate more than the mancs - and thats F*CKING Air-heads like you lot, pretending to be fans, who havent got a f*cking clue what you are talking about.
        RAFA is up there with the best managers we've had - but I suppose you would rather have Souness.
        Get a life, and learn how to be a true supporter - that means you have to SUPPORT your team, including the manager.

        LONG LIVE RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        WE WON IT 5 TIMES, WE WON IT 5 TIMES....IN ISTANBUL, WE WON IT 5 TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • "As for rafas forays into the transfer market - who in their right mind buys a player middlesboro don't want, a right winger who can't put in a decent cross 9/10 times, a left winger who can't play, a centre back who doesn't know where to be defending corners, and a striker who can't strike... "

        I think you'll find that Zenden was out of contract and a free transfer who was voted Boros player of the season(Still don't think he's good enough for us but your statment is totally wrong)
        The centre back who doesen't know where to be defending corners was who????
        I think you'll find Carra and Hyypiä where the two CB's on the field for the 3-0 goal and none of those where signed by Benny.
        The left winger who can't play i suppose is Speedy, a bit early to judge him seeing as he's young and just moved to the PL this season. HE needs time to adapt.

      • Don't you think we'd have more local talent in the team if they were up to the grade?

        I wanted though, to analyse your comments on the transfers..

        "Who in their right mind buys a player middlesboro don't want" - I don't particularly like Zenden but 'boro certainly wanted him to stay. If you recall, he was on a one year contract and left 'boro because he wanted champions league football.

        "A right winger who can't put in a decent cross 9/10 times" - Pennant, when he was last in the Premiership had a higher pecentage of cross success to Beckham at Real at the time.

        "A left winger who can't play" - Speedy can play, he's proved it in flashes and needs time to settle.

        "A centre back who doesn't know where to be defending corners" - The only person who I can think you're referring to is Paletta? If so, for christs sake, he's just come here from the Argentian league and isn't billed as a first team player.

        "And a striker who can't strike..." - I assume you mean Bellamy? Look at past records, the boy's got talent, he's just woefully short of confidence.

        I wouldn't say he's made some serious errors in the transfer market.. not at all, this is the same guy who brought in Alonso, Sissoko, Agger and Garcia.

        I don't like the way the team is playing at the moment, the confidence away from home has evaporated as has the passion but you can't point the finger of blame squarely at the manager.

    • Jesus Christ we are only 4 points from 3rd place. YOu call Rafa a dickhead shows an unbelievable amount of disrespect to a man who has led us to 6 finals in 2 years, 4 of which have been won! I bet he wasn't a dickhead as Stevie G held aloft the CL trophy was he?

    • What is the matter with you people???? Even the Bluenoses can't believe your hypocrisy. This is just really stupid. The man is class and has a fantastic track record. I admit it looks like we're in danger of becoming a club-competition team but as far as the Premiership is concerned he'll get there. We've gotta trust the guy. He's taken us this far so act like Reds and give him a break.

    • Not sure how your ranting about Benitez is helping anyone. Yes I know that our away form is pretty dismal but as someone pointed out above, we are only a few points from the 4th CL spot. I still believe that Benitez is the right manager for the club and if there is a time that we ALL need to rally around the club it is here and now. I am afraid that with fans like you supporting the club, who needs enemies? Perhaps the EPL is out of our reach again, but success for the club must surely be in retaining our CL position and building from there to mount a serious EPL challenge in the near future. I find it as galling as everyone else does that Chelsea seem to have bought themselves success - but that is the way of the modern game and no manner of moaning about it is going to change things. Benitez doesn't have the luxury of buying in proven talents like Chelsea and Man U have managed in the recent past. Benitez has done ok in the transfer market, and has managed to bring in some quality players like Alonso, Sissoko and Kuyt. Others such as Bellamy, Gonzalez and Palletta need a bit more time and patience to grow into the team. It is about time some LFC fans realise that footballing dynasty's of the likes of Shankly's era need time. It is about time these so-called fans begin to support the team like true fans - the ones that support the boss and players to the max! YNWA - remember!

    • Gerrard scored 23goals or something playing on the right last season,so why change?Because Steve says so?please,Benitez is a great and proven manager.Some people like yourself are just ungreatful.You should blame the players not the manager.

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      • I find it frustrating that basic errors made in one game do not seem to be amended by the next game. I trust that Rafa will get us where we deserve to be as PL champs but I think he needs to address some of the basic stuff now to stop the current rot and start the glory. Some poor defending, changing too many players too often (i am all for squad rotation but not squad replacement)and giving the ball away too often (Luis Garcia is fantastic but someone needs to tell him to hold some of the fancy stuff keep the ball ) are my main frustrations when watching my beloved reds. I thing Stevie G could play anywhere but its his body language this season that is worrying me.

    • I think it is you that are the Dickhead. These so-called players are sent out to do a job, they are meant to be the cream of europe and very well payed, and dont do it. They should take the flack and not Benitez. You obviously wernt there in the bad days of souness.

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      • Well said tbone

      • Scouselife are fans not allowed to have an opinion??? Just because someone doesnt agree with the style of play or crap results it doesnt mean that they are a glory hunter. Valencia under Benitez were called the crushing machine, they may have been succesful but they were very boring, the most that fans ask for is entertainment and the chance to watch flowing football, unfortunately since the bootroom was flushed down the toilet by the hierarchy we havent seen this. Name an player from the academy who you think will get a good run in the team??
        Anderson looks a very good prospect but Rafa will get another elcheapo foreigner and he will be farmed out to somewhere like Rochdale along with the other prospects. Ive said this for a while but the club have to have a serious look at themselvs,players,managers and even the directors who are running the club into the ground, have you ever noticed the transfer budget is always getting smaller and smaller?!!

    • Most of you boys are knobshanks, and no, that's not a Liverpudlian compliment. Benitez is making do with a couple of stars like Gerro and and super Carra. Most of the rest are also rans who wouldn't get into the starting 11 at the Manc, Chelski or the Gooners and wouldn't even make the squads in the top couple of clubs in Spain, Italy or Germany.

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