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  • It's now 10 straight defeats away to Arsenal, ManU and Chelsea.
    I've been a loyal supporter for over 20 years now through thick and thin, mainly thin ( although a Spurs fan said to me that 95% of clubs would kill to have the success we've had since the turn of the century) and in all that time I can never remember such a miserable run.
    At this stage I don't think there's any shame in just mass defending away from home for a couple of games just to get a clean sheet or 2 at least and maybe even nick a goal on the break and then hopefully the confidence will return.

    Rafa's run out of excuses for the shite we've had to endure this season, it's time to do the talking on the pitch.

    I just wanted to comment on a couple of statements made in previous posts.
    Firstly, until today we'd only conceded 1 goal from a set-piece which is better than anyone else, including Chelsea, so I don't think that can be blamed.
    Secondly, I don't think Rafa can be blamed every time his name is linked to Spain or Italy, I mean didn't he sign a new contract in the summer ? I don't think his commitment can be doubted and besides if he leaves Liverpool in a mess then his stock will surely fall. With regard to Ged, he inherited an already established title-winning team, and Ive read a couple of reports in the broadsheets( the Guardian & Times I think ) that said the team are performing in spite of him not because.

    I hope from now on we see a bit more heart, balls and pride in wearing the Red shirt. Stevie needs to stop sulking and get on with the job he's paid for, after all what kind of example is he setting for the rest of the players. It seems that individual mistakes are costing us as well as a general malaise when we leave Anfield.

    So, like sendmarcanemail, I too am writing off this season. I think realistically the best we can hope for is 3rd unless the others suffer major meltdowns.
    Another cup would be nice, preferably old big ears.

    Anyway it could always be worse, we could be Everton fans.

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    • I totally agree, he has had his days now. Bring back loyal player back as Mananger I suggest Phil Thompson, what an assistant manager in Houllier absence, won all three cups and had a shout at Premiership title race till Houllier came back. Why do Liverpool go for foreign coaches when the country has good English coaches

    • I totally agree, he has had his days now. Bring back loyal player back as Mananger I suggest Phil Thompson, what an assistant manager in Houllier absence, won all three cups and had a shout at Premiership title race till Houllier came back. Why do Liverpool go for foreign coaches when the country has good English coaches

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      • I'd still like to see John Toshack at Pool in some capacity or maybe Steve Heighway as a future manager.
        But we need to stick with RAFA, all other alternatives mean yet more 'rebuilding '.
        Managers on a roundabout never work.
        We are still going to finish 4th, we have got all the top clubs out of the way and will now start to go on a run which will bring our confidence back in time for a Euro cup/ league cup / big ears treble.

    • To be fair to the Bluenoses on this thread dixiedunc made a good and obvious point - we're proclaiming CL 2005 as the start of the 'Rafalution' then win last season's FA Cup with an extremely high points total and clean sheet record and now you're saying he should go???

      I know you're Red thru & thru but we need what is missing in the modern game and that is patience. It's impatience that makes managers look abroad for the short-term option and not blood their Academy players; impatience that results in a high turnover of managers when all they want is to be allowed to do the job and be left alone, and impatience that makes teams sack in haste and repent in leisure.

      I'm as disappointed as the rest of the Reds on this thread that we've not managed to get our season off to a winning start away from home. We need to look at what we did last season and follow from that. We've got near enough the same players from last year and have added players for cover so we should be looking to improve the situation. We need consistency and that starts with leaving Rafa alone to work his magic through the rest of the squad.

      We are by no means the finished article but please remember, we have added the Champions League, FA Cup, Super Cup and a Charity Shield while being the unfinished article!

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      • Rafa will leave at the end of the season and probably move to a big club in spain or italy. Liverpool will probably finish the top 6 in the league and win no cups.

        As for Rafa's replacement - there can only be one man. Martin O'Neill. He can bring back the British toughness to this Liverpool team and make them once again a hard team to beat in the League week in week out.

        One things for sure - Mr. O'Neill would play Gerrard every week in the centre and built to team around our best player and captain. I mean Bolo Zenden is surely not the answer?

        Rafa has done well for us, but i dont think we can win the league with him. Mind you, if Villa finish above us in the league this year - why would Mr. O'Neill want to leave?!

    • For Christs sake sack Rafa you have to be f**king joking mate! Champions League winner in his first year, FA Cup winner and highest Premier League total last year, 6 finals in 2 years, 4 of which have been won - Jesus Christ!

      You do realise as well that we are only 4 points from 3rd place.

      Just who are you going to get in by the way?

    • You have a really short memory, how long ago was it that you were going on about the rafaloution, and 1 night in may!
      now you are calling for his head! typical.

    • yes thats it --- get rid of the manager and go through 10 more years of transition --- wait I have an idea -- how about sticking with the manager giving him a fair crack of the whip and try and let him build a dynasty -- what did SAF win in his first 6 years???

      he's not a miracle worker and has already won us 2 major trophies -- yes we were crap yesterday and the decision to play
      Zenden still baffles... but who do you want to manage the team?? I honestly think Rafa is the best man for the job -- but it's clear that he wanted some different players but the money isn't there and has had to wheel and deal -- Pennant (for example) was def. not 1st choice....

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      • jk80jk did you actually read my first post, the headline is just to get your attention, I never said he must go.

        What I've actually said is that his commitment can't be doubted as he signed an extension to his current deal in the summer, it's not his fault he's constantly linked to jobs abroad. And why should he have to come out in the press every couple of months to reiterate his position and give the media what they want. As usual it's just tabloid shite trying to sell the muck they print

        I do stand by my earlier statement that he can't keep trotting out the same old crap excuses about our pathetic away form, when clearly nothing's changed. Time to give Agger a bit more pitch time as despite have some very good games for us, Sami is not consistent enough anymore and clearly anyone with pace is going to get past him.

        We should give him 'til the end of his contract and see where the land lies then.
        I just don't agree with the blind faithers who think it's an affront to dare criticise the team, especially when they are clearly deserving of it.

      • you spent 6 million on pennant, so if he aint 1st choice you should worry about your transfer policy, having said that, I agree with what you say about rafa beneathus

    • Were is our team spirit. I think we should judge rafa at end of season as he turned them round the last 2 we need to win 6 or 7 prem games in a row to get back into it. We have the players but we dont have the balance. The scum at the top will drop points. Chelsea may not drop points but we should be moving onwards on hoping for 3rd or 4th we probaly played all of our hardest away games so if you look at our fixtures theres not 1 were we cant win but we must inprove.

      There was no link up play at all between midfield and the forwards to negative for my liking get garcia and pennant from the start they might be frustraiting at times but they look to go forward everytime.

      Zenden poor, Our worst player, Get shot in jan please rafa

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      • no-one seems to be talking about our defence!! Hyypia seems to blow hot and cold - good some weeks shite the next. Maybe we need to rotate him (sorry "rest himn") from the big games where he looks slow and our whole defence very very Leaky!!

        Until we get this right we can't build the confidence to attack or break away and nick a goal - which offsides permitting we did twice yesterday.

    • Good post mate, agree with pretty much everything you've said.
      I didn't realise we had such a bad record against the big boys, things have never so bad even under Souness, Evans or Houllier, with regard to the top teams that is.

      Again, our title callenge is over so by November, let's hope the new lads bed in sooner rather than later and we can challenge for some of the cups.

      Rafa seems to have gone backwards this season after our good away form last season, what's he doing ?

      For the love of God let's hope they turn the corner soon.

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      • meijermagic, as a Liverpool fan we all feel very disappointed with the team's performance this season, especially so much was expected from the players and they were showing so much promises.

        But to start doubting Rafa is a bit too far. When new players come in there is a gelling period, some take longer. Look at ManU when they started rebuilding their team 3 years ago, they won bugger all for 2 seasons.

        I am prepared to wait for as long as it takes for Rafa to transform our team into a title winning team. Of course it hurts to know that we lost 10 in a row to ManU, Arsenal and Chelsea, but that it part of the pain we have to go through in the rebuilding process. I have faith in Rafa and Gerrard, they will lead us round the corner. YNWA