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  • Jinder Jinder Nov 13, 2006 20:04 Flag

    Rafa must go !

    yes thats it --- get rid of the manager and go through 10 more years of transition --- wait I have an idea -- how about sticking with the manager giving him a fair crack of the whip and try and let him build a dynasty -- what did SAF win in his first 6 years???

    he's not a miracle worker and has already won us 2 major trophies -- yes we were crap yesterday and the decision to play
    Zenden still baffles... but who do you want to manage the team?? I honestly think Rafa is the best man for the job -- but it's clear that he wanted some different players but the money isn't there and has had to wheel and deal -- Pennant (for example) was def. not 1st choice....

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    • you spent 6 million on pennant, so if he aint 1st choice you should worry about your transfer policy, having said that, I agree with what you say about rafa beneathus

    • jk80jk did you actually read my first post, the headline is just to get your attention, I never said he must go.

      What I've actually said is that his commitment can't be doubted as he signed an extension to his current deal in the summer, it's not his fault he's constantly linked to jobs abroad. And why should he have to come out in the press every couple of months to reiterate his position and give the media what they want. As usual it's just tabloid shite trying to sell the muck they print

      I do stand by my earlier statement that he can't keep trotting out the same old crap excuses about our pathetic away form, when clearly nothing's changed. Time to give Agger a bit more pitch time as despite have some very good games for us, Sami is not consistent enough anymore and clearly anyone with pace is going to get past him.

      We should give him 'til the end of his contract and see where the land lies then.
      I just don't agree with the blind faithers who think it's an affront to dare criticise the team, especially when they are clearly deserving of it.